2 thoughts on “Mistake

  1. Now THAT’S funny.

    And it’s something I can relate to. When I was living in Antibes, France, I knew a pair of twins; Jane and Julie. They were from New Orleans where I had lived for 10 years. It’s odd that we had never met there because when I would be doing my laundry and be sitting outside reading while waiting for my clothes to dry, if I looked up and across the street I’d be looking at Janes front door!

    Jane and Julie were “mirror” identical twins. It was hard to tell them apart until you got to know them well and then it was fairly easy, but from a distance it was almost impossible, especially if you weren’t a friend of theirs.

    What do I mean by “mirror” identical twins? Jan was left handed, Julie, right. Jane was a hard worker. A bar maid at Chez Charlie’s Pub, one of the three expat hangouts in the old town of Antibes, just above the port where the sailboat I ran was docked and Julie was a lazy layabout. Jane had a sparkling, vibrant personality with lots of friends. Julie was a dour, brooding sort whose only friend, it seemed, was a British soccer hooligan with “Love” and “Hate” crudely tattooed on his knuckles.

    Jane was the good twin. Julie the evil one. You can figure out for yourself which one would have been suicidal and which one would have been the accident.

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