New Neighborhood house Under Construction

A couple of weeks ago a new house was started in my neighborhood. The first thing they did was to clear trees from the lot and bring in dirt to level the foundation area.

I finally took the photo above today. You can see that the foundation has been poured. The structure at the center of the photo houses tools and things they don’t want to disappear during the construction. If they don’t have a night watchman living in the shed, they will soon. Things that aren’t watched have a habit of walking off.

Too the left of the shed, you will see the concrete mixer. All concrete that is needed will be mixed on the site.

I will try to take photos to show the daily progress.

13 thoughts on “New Neighborhood house Under Construction

  1. Don, I happen to know the people who are building that home. I wonder if it might be prudent to get permission from them to post the progress of their dream home being built. Things that appear in photos may seem innocent to us, but perhaps to someone looking for something in particular, it may not be so innocent. Just a thought….

  2. Hi Joyce. If I knew who they were that would be possible. At the present all I know is that building is going on because I listen to the noise all day. If you know them ask them if they have a problem with photos from a far. If they do, I won’t post them.

  3. While Joyce makes a point, nothing that you photograph isn’t also available for any passerby to see. Someone casing the place for later won’t need your pics, as they will have already staked the place out.

    That is why, from a security standpoint, it’s so important to get the exterior walls up asap.

  4. As a matter of interest, a finished house in my area had all the electrical wire taken. The house was completely finished but unoccupied. The thieves cut the wires at the outside main panel and the breaker box inside the house and pulled all the wiring out of the tubing. This house has been empty for the two years we have been here and now there is some activity going on including re-wiring the whole house.

  5. Don Ray, curiosity prompts me to ask: Is that rebar sticking up out of the concrete slab? That could certainly make a durable house, even given the tendency to have quakes.
    It’s a curious thing, isn’t it, this propensity to become paranoid about things? Here in the states, break-ins and thefts are becoming daily occurrences, even some of the violent type break-ins. We have finally taken to locking up our house after sixty-some years ourselves. Though we’re far from wealthy, we may look to be so by someone less fortunate; so sort of a reverse discrimination can take place, making us “non-persons” in someone’s eyes and subject to “harmless” harm.
    Thanks for the continuing view of life in David, Don Ray. Hope yours is a great day today.

  6. Hi Frank. Yes, all rebar that I have ever seen has gone into the foundation. These houses would be able to withstand many of the disasters that level houses in the US.

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