RV Caravan From Texas To Panama

A group of 21 RVs, pickups pulling trailers and campers were parked at PriceSmart today. Tomorrow they will head to their home base in Santa Clara for six days.

I talked to one gentleman in the group and he said there people from Canada, all over the US and one man from Australia.

I asked how the trip had been and the man I talked to said terrible. He was driving one of the larger rigs and he said the roads were not equipped to handle it. He said there were several places in Honduras where there were washed out roads. I bet it was an exciting time.

He said the border crossings had been about 5 hours per crossing, but that was the main problem. No other border hassles.

Here are photos of the rest of the units.

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  1. These are far braver men and women than I. It was stressful enough to drive my 34 foot motorhome around the States, let alone tackling the crappy roads from the Mexican border to Panama.
    I would love to know where in Santa Clara they will be camping and when, and if, they are returning this way. Do you have any contacts?

  2. There is supposed to be a camping area there with connections. They will go there today for 6 days. I am sorry that I didn’t get any contact information. I thought afterwards that probably someone in the group has a blog and I forgot to ask.

  3. There’s a place in Santa Clara called “XS memories” its a rest/bar/store/rvpark run by some Amer/expats. Theyhave a web site and it googles pretty easy.

  4. Hi Don Ray,

    Thanks as always for all your efforts at keeping everyone informed!

    Are there RVs/Motor homes available to purchase in Panama? We
    have been thinking about using one while we have our home under construction near Boquete.

    Any iinformation you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

    Shrader and Susan

  5. To Shrader, {{you need to read this in a over-inflated superhero voice for full effect}}

    Camper Boy here, [hands on hip, chest inflated and toothy smile]
    In my brief but thorough internet research, RV’ing, and therefor RV’s are not a big deal in Panama, “XS memories” is indicated to be the only RV place in R. de P. Many sites refer to NO rv-ing in most of central and south america. I’d think they, (xs) would be a good resource for you to look up and ask question about rv’s, and you could also could track down those 21 travelers…I’ll bet at least one doesnt want to drive back and might sell his rig?
    There is a guy in Boquete selling converted shipping containers as temp. homes while you build. He’s on Boiquete.org his email name has “montana” in it if I recall correctly.
    Craigslist-panama and Encuentra-24 sometimes lists a RV but usually a low grade or conversion type.
    Camper Boy, as an Rv’r of some note, thinks that moisture and mold would kill an RV in short order in a jungle climate, fully covered and a 24 hr humidifer would help save it from jungle rot.
    Camper Boy must go now, and thank you “D-R” for the opportunity to serve.
    {{still deep voiced}} “Camper Boy, up up and away}}

  6. ..All that machinery and beaucoup Gringos (mostly anyhow) to boot, and all with no problems with local riff-raff on the way down..! At least that’s what I’m getting from the brief story.
    There might just be hope for this world. Might.

  7. This reminds me of the westward ho! of the wagon trains moving to develop the western US. These are some brave travelers. What a great spirit of adventure and a great idea for how to run away from the USA.

  8. Hi Robert. I bet it was an adventure. The only thing about running away from the USA is that they will return at the end of their trip. Maybe the problems are going and not coming.

  9. Camper Boy here,
    As our saga continues, camper boy attempted to contact XSmemories thru thier website address as listed on the main page. Evil forces (mailer-damon) rejected the email repeatedly. Additional attempts to contact them via a listed “webmaster” were also rejected. This WEBMASTER must be one evil bastard to reject attempts for camper boy to disgard his RV Superhero status and drive up in a rental car and stay in a rented cabin for a few nights rest away from the hub-bub of RV life.
    Camper Boy noted a local (panama) phone number 507-993-3096, however superhero cutbacks and international phone rates negate a call. Perhaps D-R or some other local hero can make the call and advise us of the status of XSmemories? Have Evil doers infiltrated the area. Are they able to communicate. Do I have to keep typing in a deep voice….Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!

  10. Camper Boy notes a new email on XS memories home page and is awaiting a return message from them.

  11. Camper Boy received a return email from XS memories, which indicates a valid email. Infiltration is planned for later in the month and Camper Boy will report back, Over and out.

  12. My turn soon. I just bought my class B and ready to drive to Panama. I am leaving in 2 weeks…me, my poochie, 2 kittens and 2 conejos. Will i have border problems with all the fur family? I plan to be gone til May and have nobody to keep them for me.
    Should I travel in a group?
    leaving from Calgary.

  13. Hi Ceilegobragh, Yes, I think you better start studying up what paperwork you are going to need to cross each country. Each one may require something a little different. The animals will no doubt make the trip more difficult.

    If it were me, I would want to be doing the drive in a group.

  14. thank you Don.

    I have researched all the paperwork and think all things are in order. I only wanted to take my pooch but recently somebody dumped 2 kittens here and the person taking care of my bunnies last year died this summer. so ALL have to come with me. jo soy la mujere loca!

  15. With your experience, which rv set-up would be the best one for the trip?
    Also, engine type for parts, or other practical tips or pitfalls to avoid?

  16. I am thinking to do the trip late 2010 to our land in Costa Rica. Is there any others interested? Mine would be one way as I am moving there permanently.There is also room for those who wish a long stay in CR.

  17. Hi,
    I am driving to Costa Rica and looking for a caravan to join. Leaving around July 5th 2010. Anybody have any suggestions of websites or other people doing the same thing?

  18. 2015 already! i recently read some (and i forget where) about a couple wanting to hook up for a caravan to Panama (Boquete?) this spring, If anyone else saw that, please let me know, thanks!

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