Arts & Craft’s Festival in David – March 1

I received the following from Antonio Singh.

The historical neighborhood of El Peligro, David’s most traditional neighborhood, is preparing its first arts and crafts festival for march the first of this year.

This event will consist of traditional and international food sales from foreign nationals living in Chiriquí. Also, arts an crafts exhibits, book exchanges and flee markets. All these without costs for participants, they only need t bring their own tables and wares to sale.

Arts exhibitors will be able to use an open air gallery located at the gardens of the David’s historical museum.

Musical groups will also entertain the event.

People interested on participating in this event can visit the ofices of culturama and Fundacion Gallegos call 730-4010 0r 6618-2929

This event is organized by the Movenmente for the Restoration of Chiriqui’s Historical Patrimony.

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  1. Hi Don:
    Barrio El Peligro is the old name of the actual Barrio Bolivar, is where is the Museum, The Catedral, also the Museum La Casona and Viajes Crisol.

    Is the old town of David. I have a map I made I can send to your email.

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