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Sunday, we made a drive to Boquete for lunch. I had received and invitation for a free meal, for myself and another, if I would come up try the menu and review the service. I had responded, that I would put the restaurant on my list of “To be tried”, but I wasn’t interested in any complimentary meals.

My preference is always to go to a restaurant and just be viewed as a regular customer. I don’t want the possibility that I will get something that others don’t get. Besides, complimentary meals tend to alter one’s opinion. That is the same reason, that Chiriquí Chatter still refuses to take ads.

The drive to Boquete was very pleasant. It was obvious that there had been a lot of wind damage, because many fallen trees were every where. In Dolega, there was a huge tree that had been uprooted and had fallen on the house next to it.

Bajareque was falling as we entered Boquete. I had a general idea where the Oasis B&B hotel was and found it without any problems. To get there, you cross the bridge to the fair grounds and turn right. A little ways down the road you will see the Oasis B&B which is in the following photo.

The establishment is very nice. The restaurant is around back. You can park in the front or enter a parking area which will put you closer to the restaurant. I didn’t take a photo of the dining area. There appeared to be two. One was more casual and had a bar area. The second is more elegant with table clothes and is next to the river. When all of the gardening is complete, the view from the restaurant windows should be very nice.

The menu follows. In the invitation to visit this restaurant, I had been told that this was a gourmet menu.

I debated on what to order. I finally decided on the rack of lamb. I was told that they didn’t have any more rack of lamb as it sold out first. We got there a little before 1:00 PM so I don’t know when you need to be there to get the rack. I went ahead and ordered the lamb chop.

I thought the presentation was good. I actually thought my vegatables could have been a little crisper. The wine sauce was good. I thought the lamb chop was a little overpowered with rosemary for my taste. I thought my meal was ok and would have given it about a 7on a scale of 10.

Two others at the table had corvina.

One liked the vegetables and one said they were just ok.

The fourth person ordered a salad.

The person that had the salad said the one she had at the Multiplaza food court in Panama city was better for about $4.00.

I thought the restaurant prices reflected the Boquete influence and are set up to accommodate a Jubilado discount. There was an extensive wine list. I saw a bottle from Napa Valley for $50.

The service was very good. Water glasses were always full to the brim and someone was always watching to see if you needed anything.

Since I don’t eat in Boquete enough to compare it to the other upscaled restaurants, comments will have to fill in the blanks.

16 thoughts on “Restaurante Oasis in Boquete

  1. It’s all very well mentioning a bottle of California wine for $50.00 but before I can even consider trying this restaurant, I need to know the price of Domestic beer. (Atlas to be specific). Also, if there may be a reduction for quantity consumed.
    This place would suit my veggie wife but prices do seem a little on the high side even with the discount.

  2. Where are the au gratin potatoes, zuccini & eggplant with the rack of lamb? Did you ask for substitutions? Just curious after reading the menu.

  3. Hi Sharon. The Au Graton pataoes were there. Not the best I have ever had. The auccini was in the vegatibles, but if there was eggplant I couldn’t tell it. While I asked gor the rack, I got a lamb chop. I ask for no substitutions,

  4. Don your observations are on point. Living in Boquete it is easy to lose site that as in Panama City there are many high priced restaurants here. The difference is that in Panama City the quality often reflects the price; in Boquete not always.

    I will agree and did write that the service at Oasis is excellent. I enjoyed some of the foods also, lamb not included. I would still place it well within the top five in Boquete.


  5. Hi: One thing that surprises me here in Panama is that they do not remove the blood line from the fish before cooking and it really does make a difference to the taste. Being avid fishermen, we always bled out our fish as soon as caught and it certainly is much better for redfish, etc. Just a comment.

  6. hey don,
    why is it that restaurants down here have a menu that is 10 pages thick but when you go to order something you hear “no hay”? i guess it is better than getting sick eating spoiled food!

  7. We have had dinner Oasis 2 different times in the last month, we heard this was one of the top restaurants in Boquete,
    Our first visit my wife and i both had the lamb chops ( the rack of lamb was not be had ) it was fair at the best, and we love any kind of lamb.
    the secind time we had the corvina, and it was good, but really not better than other restaurants here, the appetisers were great as well as the desert. service was very good. we think this place is over priced , we might try it again in the future, but 3 strikes and your OUT!

  8. Meals at El Oasis are always excellent, as is the service. Their menu is creative, beautifully served and extensive. I eat there often and enjoy the setting very much.

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