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Poco a Poco

Yesterday, I dropped in on Dario when he was having a Spanish Conversation session. It gave me cause to think about how much my Spanish is lacking. While my Spanish can get me through most situations, it is not very good. The locals tolerate it and seem to appreciate that I have taken the time to learn what I have learned, but it is obvious that I am very poor in the grammar department.

Dario has expanded his language offerings. He now offers English, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish. He has native language speaking teachers for French, Portuguese, and Mandarin. Dario said his business growth has been required to help support his two new twin daughters.

I went to Dario’s house last Sunday to see the twins. I didn’t take a photo of Luna and Estrella because they were asleep and I was afraid the flash might disturb them. They were like little dolls. They currently weigh 4 pounds 8 ounces. I understand I weighed about 4 ½ pounds at birth and now I can relate to how small I was. The twins are at the stage where they are either sleeping or eating. My how things will change in that house. 🙂 Dario and his lovely wife are a really nice couple and I can see are excellent parents. Continue reading Poco a Poco

Velvet Ice Cream

I have been keeping this to myself, but I guess, in good conscience, I should pass it on. El Rey has been carrying a brand of ice cream called Velvet. It is a US brand coming from Ohio. I try to pick up a carton every time I think about it.

I especially enjoy the Spumoni. To me, this is one of the better ice creams I have found in David. I personally can’t stand Breyer’s and Blue Bunny has to be some of the worst ice creams on the planet. I haven’t found a flavor of Velvet that I don’t like.

Try not to tell too many people. I don’t want to find the shelf empty the next time I go to El Rey.

Restaurante del Hotel Castilla

Today we had Sunday lunch in Hotel Castilla. It had been recommended as a great restaurant.

I ordered the Parmesan Fillet. It was different than I expected. It has a topping of cheese and then was sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. I thought the meat itself was fair to good, no better than that. It was good sized though and some people thinks size makes a difference.

I will say that the restaurant itself was nice and the tables and chairs were very comfortable. It had a large menu. Others had fish and I think they were happy with their selections.

If you are in the downtown area, this may be worth trying.

Another Violent Crime in Chiriquí

There was recently another crime in Chiriquí. I understand that a man was killed in Alanje. I could not understand all of what was said on the news, but maybe some of the Panamanian readers can add something.

This is just another sign that crime is increasing in Panama and this must be stopped. The locals are worried and it will affect how all tourists and people who are planning on Panama as a home, will view the country.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the man that was murdered.

UPDATE: The following was sent to me by a Panamanian reader that translated it into English from an article in the  El Siglo Digital.


A worker found him dead, stabbed in his thorax, in the kitchen of his ranch.

Yesterday morning, a worker from a cattle ranch in Palo Grande, Alanje, Chiriquí, went to look for his employer and found him stabbed in the thorax.

Dr. Clemenmte Sánchez (56) was murdered at his Villa Denis ranch kitchen. The worker communicated it to the authorities.

The rancher´s corpse had a knife-caused thorax wound and other contusions compatible with the fall.

Besides, there were cartridges in the kitchen, but it was disclosed that the rancher had firearms in his house.

Clemente was an outstanding (veterinary) doctor, rancher and rice grower. He was President of the Cebu Breeders Association ( CRICEPA, from the Spanish acronym) and and member of the Chiriquí Rice Poducers Association (APACH, from its Spanish acronym).

Franklin Amaya, Second Superior Prosecutor of Chiriquí went to the crime scene to perform the legally- sanctioned removal of the corpse, and he doesn’t deny that the cause of the murder could be robbery by an organized group, given that during the last two weeks there have been three other murders in the area close to that community.

Cattle ranchers and rice growers are mourning Dr. Clemente´s death because he was a well-known, respected person.

Ricardo, “Dicky Saval”, cattle rancher, said: We all are very sad for this happening, we hope those people are punished for this crime, we have heard there have been a lot of robberies and we ask the authorities to provide security.”

Saval declared he has fond memories of Clemente.

So far, no one is under arrest for this crime which is the fourth recorded in Chiriquí in 2009.

Posts On Panama

If you haven’t been tuning into my friend Omar’s blog, he has been posting photos during some of his walks. What make his post so good is that he is a Panamanian ahd always does a good job of writing up some history or other information about what he sees.

It is much better than I could ever think of doing.

Omar also will keep you up to date on what is happening in the browser arena and is a big aficionado of Google and Apple, so you may find posts related to that. And to keep things light, he will toss in a joke every now and then. Check out Lingua Franca.