Is Nitro Barbecue Open?

It looks like Nitro Barbecue is close to being open, if it isn’t already. I seen the have finished the front and put a motor bike on display. To the left you can see the Super Replica car that they have been leaving out for people to see.

Here is a closer view of the car.

17 thoughts on “Is Nitro Barbecue Open?

  1. If that’s where I think it is (across from an open-air restaraunt that serves a nice Hawaiin pizza), it was open at least at night for a club scene, and is operated by an Australian. Was there January 2nd.
    As for serving food, I have no idea.

  2. When we stopped in on Saturday they had an executive lunch advertised but did not appear to really be truly ready for customers. The lunch was ( ? ) 2 covered chafing dishes on a folding table. The place was basically empty except for construction workers. I think we’ll wait a few more weeks.

  3. i would like to know if u have seen any finished replica runnin in David?
    im about to pay the 2nd payment to them. reply asap if u can


  4. Hi Jim. Coming to a conclusion about SR is not in my charter. They have not contacted me to see a finished product. That is all I know.

  5. I am thinking of taking a Vacation to David, Panama with my girlfriend. How are the prices and is the food well prepared. It appears to be an upper-class place since there is a Lamborghini in the parking lot. I can’t even afford to rent a Lamborghini never mind eat in a restaurant that has executive dinners. Does anyone have any suggestions of activities, restaurants, and scenery that I should consider in David before booking my vacation? Thanks for your comments in advanced.

  6. Hi Don Ray..just curious if you have seen a finish product from Super Replicas..just want to findout the legitimacy of their claims…Any updates..Thanks for your informative site.

    Prospective Car Customer,
    Dennis of California USA

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