Restaurante del Hotel Castilla

Today we had Sunday lunch in Hotel Castilla. It had been recommended as a great restaurant.

I ordered the Parmesan Fillet. It was different than I expected. It has a topping of cheese and then was sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. I thought the meat itself was fair to good, no better than that. It was good sized though and some people thinks size makes a difference.

I will say that the restaurant itself was nice and the tables and chairs were very comfortable. It had a large menu. Others had fish and I think they were happy with their selections.

If you are in the downtown area, this may be worth trying.

4 thoughts on “Restaurante del Hotel Castilla

  1. Today, December 02, 2011 we ate breakfast and lunch at this restaurant. For breakfast, we had a steak with sweet onions covered with two fried eggs and bread with a Pepsi for $5.75 each. For lunch, liver and onions with fries and a Pepsi and a Cuban sandwich with fries and Pepsi all for less than $14.00 including the tip.
    The food was of great quality and the service was efficient and friendly. The setting is relaxed, comfortable and very clean. The portions are not overly generous but still filling.
    We would eat here again.

  2. I like to walk around town and try new restaurants but I’ve eaten here quite a few times as this is the hotel where I usually stay. Nothing fancy but good food, good prices, and above average service.

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