3 thoughts on “Hypothetical Question

  1. Hi Don,

    We are currently building a home in Boquete. We are having difficulty deciding which type of hot water heater to install. Tank or tankless…electric or propane.

    Our contractor recommends individual heaters be installed at site of use i.e., bath, kitchen and laundry. The water heaters being recommended are Stiebel-Elton Models DHC 5-2, DHC 6-2. We would prefer Bosch Propane Units but they claim it’s very difficult to get a qualified tech to install them correctly and repair them.

    If someone has a recommendation we’d sure appreciate hearing from you.

    John y Blanca

  2. Hi John. I agree with individual zoned heaters. I have used gas with good luck. I don’t know how much electricity the electric ones use when operating. If it were me, I would try to fine which units weve sell ing the most in Chiriqui and see if I could get some referals from people that have bought them.

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