Chiriquí Restaurants

In an effort to provide one place to see the restaurants I have been to in Chiriquí, I am starting this post. I will put a link in the Link area for Chiriquí Restaurants so that this post can be located easily. I will try to keep it current and remove restaurants that are no longer in business and add new restaurants that open that I have gone to.

As a note, the following will provide links to posts I have done on each restaurant. I will make an attempt to have the URL point to a post that has directions. There may be more than one post for any restaurant in the blog. I have tried to connect all posts to other posts by either a reference in the post or there will be a comment that will point to another post. By visiting other posts on the same restaurant, you will have an opportunity to see more of the food offerings that I have sampled.

This is not a perfect system, but this is a blog and not a Yellow Pages. As with all posts in a blog related to restaurants, they age and sometimes the quality of the restaurant’s offerings are not the same. Some restaurants improve and some don’t. If you go to any restaurant below, a comment on the most recent post might help other readers know how that restaurant is doing. At least then, all opinions will not be just mine. Many people have different tastes than I do.

Also, if there are restaurants that I haven’t been to that have been reviewed on another blog, I will be happy to list it with a link to that blog’s post. I trust most blogs more than I do ads.

FINAL NOTE: Any posts that contain menus and prices were current at the time of the post. The primary reason to show the menu is to give you an idea of what is served at the restaurant. Please do not bad mouth the restaurant because they may have changed the menu contents or prices.

Boquete Restaurants:

Amigo’s – This is a gringo hangout in Boquete. It has free wifi.

Antojitos Mexicanos Taqueria – This is my favorite Mexican food restaurant in Boquete. I have known Maritriny for several years now and she has become a good friend. I think here food is always fresh and I have always enjoyed what I was served.

Delicias del Perú – This was my favorite Peruvian restaurant in Boquete. It has been a while since I was there. The food was good, but what I really liked was the ability to eat overlooking a gorgeous scenic area.

Hotel Panamonte Restaurant – I have always had high quality meals here.

Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant – (Closed)

Machu Picchu –  This is a Peruvian restaurant.

Oasis Restaurant – An upscaled restaurant on the river close to downtown Boquete.

Ou La La – I haven’t been there, but it is getting good reviews from those living in Boquete. Only open in the evening.

Papa Ricco’s Italian Restaurant – Great food. Worth the trip.

Pasteleria Alemania – I go here for the best chocolate chip cookies in Chiriquí and for the strawberry tarts.

Pompodoro – An excellent Italian restaurant.

Restaurante La Casona – Large menu. Worth a visit.

The Rock – A very upscale Boquete restaurant.

Roxane’s – This is a grill house. Menu is in the post.

Subway – Now closed.

Tammy’s Restaurant – My favorite item here is their hamburgers. Without a doubt, the are the best I have had in Boquete and equal the better in David. They have other offerings as well, among them being rotisserie chicken.


Sol de Mar – Seafood and other items. I usually order the fried shrimp.


A tu gusto y a mi manera – Closed.

a la Parrilla Cocina Rica – A steakhouse.

Barnard’s at the Airport – I haven’t been there in a while.

Buffalo Wings Factory – Wings, burgers and more. Yum!

Casa del Churrasco – Not a bad place for a noon meal. Good buffet selection and reasonable price. I have never had an evening meal there, but understand it is good.

Cocina Rica – A good place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cuatro – A very nice upscale restaurant. Comfortable seating and great food.

Delicias Mexicanas – Mexican food, but not tot TexMex.

Don Lee’s(CLOSED) Chinese fast food restaurant . Many in Panama City.

El Fogón – Personally, I have had hit and miss luck at this restaurant.

El Rey del Helado – This is an ice cream and sandwich shop.

El Rincón Libanés – I have always had a good meal here.

Gelato House – Nice place to go have a banana split. They have sandwiches also.

Hotel Nacional – There are a couple restaurants at the hotel. Here is the noon buffet.

JacKelita – A local Panamanian ice cream and sandwich shop.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) – Same as them all but this one has the Panamanian Chicken soup.

La Orquidea – On Via Boquete just past Majagua.

La Típica – Chinese buffet that I like.

Las Brasas – A good hamburger spot. Pretty good sized menu.

Los NaranjosHotel Los Rivera‘s restaurant. A very nice addition to David’s restaurants.

Mar Caspio Café – Has become one of my favorites.

Mar del Sur –  (CLOSED) Peruvian restaurant.

Marios Bar and Grill – My favorite hamburger place. I haven’t found anything here that I didn’t like. Prices are very reasonable.

Martha’s Mexican Restaurant – Open Friday evenings from 6:00 PM until 10:30 PM. I liked it. I will go often. No Longer open.

McDonald’s – Yep. David has one of them too.

Mosto Bistro – Excellent based on the first meal I have had there.

Mrs. Mendoza’s – ( CLOSED) Mexican food chain. I liked it. Good Margaritas.

Muelle 18 – (CLOSED) So far, my favorite is the Fried Shrimp.

Pizza House – Not bad. Worth a try. Close to downtown David.

Pizzeria Popeye – Formally called Pino E Renzo. – Same great pizza, Pino just decided he wanted to change the name since his associate Renzo is no longer associated with the business. This is the best pizza in David.

Pizza Hut – Davids own Pizza Hut.

Renegados – No longer open as a restaurant. If it comes back, I will post the link.

Restaurante El Chino – Camarena – I am told this restaurant features an ex Panama President’s chef.

Restaurante El Palacio Oriental – Many people’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

Restaurante del Hotel Castilla – A nice restaurant in the Hotel Castilla.

Restaurante Maná – Closed October 31, 2010. Now in Volcan – Panamanian food, sandwiches and salads. Good food and reasonably priced.

Restaurante Rico Mar – Seafood with other items as well.

Rosita’s Hideaway – A small restaurant that I usually hit once a week. Limited menu, but very cheap and very good. (AUGUST 2009 will be the last month)

Stella’s Marina Restaurante – A restaurant I frequent often.

Taqueria Jalisco – Very good Mexican food.

Tambu Country – Due to my last experience there, I no longer go to this restaurant.

TGI Friday’s – A US Favorite.

The Steak House – One of my favorite Chinese restaurants.


The Branding Iron – Home of some real Chicken Fried Steak!


Acropolis – Greek food. Only been there once, but I enjoyed it.

Dalys – Everyday food. Menu has a little bit of everything, like chili cheese fries. Breakfasts are great.

Polineth – Thai food. I enjoyed it very much.

Valley of the Moon – Looks to be a good restaurant with a nice menu and good prices.

55 thoughts on “Chiriquí Restaurants

  1. Good list, Don Ray. Update from Boquete: Machu Picchu is closed. Palo Alto Restaurant has re-opened.

    New Restaurants to try when you are in Boquete:
    Restaurant Ou La La! and El Oasis.

  2. Don Ray:
    I believe that chicken soup at KFC is call “sancocho”. If not, you should to try the real deal.

  3. Don Rey,
    I have never heard of Ou La La. Perhaps you heard of it under its earlier names at different locations. The owner-chef started Hibiscus, and it was quite good. Then came the place at a new shopping mall in Boquete, which didn’t work out. Now he has a new smaller place called Ou La La and it is excellent. The service is better, the food is great and reasonably priced, and Christoph seems much happier; A happy chef is a good chef.

  4. Ok. I knew it in its original location. To be honest I was not impressed when it first started. Sometimes I had a good meal and sometimes it was only fair.

  5. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Melissa is correct – my sources were not. I went by Machu Picchu last night and it was very much OPEN!, alive and well and doing a good business. Which is good news! My usual trusty sources were not as reliable as my own eyes (and palate) – which from now on will be the only senses used by me for any reportorial comments! Please change your writeup and consider my knuckles rapped!

    And by the way, I was on the way back from an excellent meal at Ou La La! (here’s the website, if you care to look:

  6. Hi Wendy. No harm done. I removed the closed sign. Doubt if I will get to try the other restaurant. I don’t like having to eat the evening meal in Boquete and I usually eat light in the evening.

  7. Hi Don! Thanks and sorry again. I’m the same way in the opposite direction: I don’t drive the road from David to Boquete at night, so I’ve learned to eat my major meal at noontime when I’m in David. One of my favorite stops on the way to David is for desayuno at Rest. Sabrosito’s in Algarrobos. Fresh huevos, excellent puerco, near-greaseless hojaldres and cafè for around $2.50. Fast and clean and always has a lot of Chiricanos eating there.

  8. Yo Don, any idea where the organic food store is in David? I was driving from Boquete to David and saw a big green sign about 5 minutes from the Inter-Americana on the right hand side, but missed the details. – Mateo

  9. Hello Don Ray,
    this is a very nice website.
    We want to inform you, that we (Dirk and Simone) opened up a new restaurant at Playa Las Lajas. The name is “El Mundo”. It is a beach bar-restaurant with one of the highest typical ranchos in Chiriqui. We offer international food and everyday fresh seafood.
    We want to invite you as our guest.

    Simone and Dirk Zimmermann

  10. Hola Don Ray ~
    Been a while, but in need of your help again(!)
    Have you, or anyone you know, or anyone subscribed to this site come across a restaurant that serves prime rib?? Short of going to The Outback in Costa Rica (if they even serve it there??), I’m at a loss. Prefer to stay in the Chiriqui Province…..
    Our wedding anniversary is coming up in about 3 1/2 weeks and just got the urge to try and come up with a surprise (besides not wanting to cook). Back in the states, prime rib was a “traditional” Saturday night outing. We’ve just not been able to find anywhere here.
    I saw that Las Brasas has it on it’s menu, but has anyone tried?
    Just curious – and appreciate any input!
    Gracias 🙂

  11. The only place I know that regularly serves Prime Rib is the “Shamrock” in Panama City. I think it’s around Clayton.

  12. Wendy is probably right and a trip to PC may be called for. Prime Rib is not something that a restaurant can cook just for two people and it would have to have clients that order it regularly.

  13. Ou la la? We were in Chiriqui last month, and we were very disappointed with all the restaurants to be honest. Machu Picchu was OK, but I would have to say the worst of them all was Ou la la. I cannot believe the reviews here from people who think this place is good? No one in our party (and we were with people we had just met) liked this place. First, with the concrete floor, dim fluorescent light, and the strange pictures on the wall this place had the atmosphere of a prison cell. The service was non-existent…the owner came over to our table with an unbelivable attitude problem and took our order down. Our drinks were served with no ice – do they not have an ice machine? And the food? Everything was extremely salty, the canned vegetables were mushy, and the fish was just carelessly prepared, bony, and messy. And my 8 year old son’s pasta was swimming in oil – but maybe that was to drown the cockroach that he found in his plate. I look back now and laugh, but we weren’t laughing that night. This place is terrible.

  14. Hi Matt. Thanks for warning me. I have never been there. I don’t get to Boquete often and when I go, I want to only eat at places I trust.

  15. Well, it seems there are at least two Dan Millers that read this blog page in 2009, but at the same time we agree on taste. I have eaten at Ou la la three times in my last two trips, and, yes it is fabulous. A good chef needs a good stove, a couple of skillets, a few pots and pans, and wonders can spring forth. Minimum amount of overhead, few folks to “help” you, pleasant surroundings, and a good wine selection, and man you are in business. Word of mouth will do all the advertising you need. Plan on being back in Jan. 2010 and will be a regular (with guests)at Ou la la’s. Dan

  16. Don, next time you come up Boquete way, Stop at Las Ruinas, which is across from the Bresas Boquetanas housing area, on the Boquete Hiway. They have several daily specials. Baby back ribs, a fantastic Hamburgers,plus a great fish sandwich special. The Resturant is owned by Craig Jacobs, a chef from New York, and serves some great food. Tell him Don Sent you.



  18. Hey Don,

    Susie & I go to El Mundo everytime we go to Las Lajas & it is worth it everytime. They serve the best weinerschnitzel this side of the Atlantic.
    Everybody should also be sure to try Itanelo´s Grill & Wine Bar in the Best Western

  19. The new Best Western has a nice bar/restaurant with food and drink prices more reasonable than its nearest competitor, Hotel Puerto del Sol and they are much more friendly.

  20. If ever you would like to eat EXCELLENT jumbo shrimps on your way to Panama City I can recommend the Restaurant REINA DEL MAR in El Salado 10 km from Aguadulce driving through the salt fields. We all agreed that we had the best shrimps ever in our lives, and we have traveled a lot. Prices are not moderate, it is cheap. cheap, clean and excellent.

    However do NOT STOP in Penonome at SWEET TAMARINDO. Good choice of food. Nice looking place. But they did not have the pasta from the menu, they had another one, but it cost one dollar more. Table cloths were dirty. Service was extremely slow; we had to wait one hour for some penne. Prices are on the high side: USD 34.– for 2 pates of penne and drinks. They have problems with water in Penonome. The owner of the place explained that this has been so for 40 years. So, if you have to go to the toilet you have to ask for a bucket of water!!!

  21. I stop in SWEET TAMARINDO in penonome town and sorry but is a excellent place, beutiful to stay there a time enjoy the terrace, the food is excellent, and very good quality, cold beer, and cocktails w tamarindo.
    They have diferents pastas, whit seafood, shrimps, chicken and vegetables
    The service is slow some times in the week but fridays, saturdays is very good
    The saturdays, have live music, covers and guitars solos.
    I recomended , full time, stay there at 3 times and is OK for a town like Penonome
    Sorry Jorge maybe u dont like to this people.(Jiji)
    Good luck at other time

  22. Hi Don:

    Antojito’s is not on your list. It’s been around for as long as I’ve been here (12 years). (Next door to Rincon Libanesa on the corner, across the street from Domino’s). Steak, fish, chicken. Very slow service but the food is passable. They don’t ask how you want your meat cooked (and we forgot to specify) so it came out “well-done.” Chicken was also dry. Corvina tasted so sweet it might have been lobster! If you don’t time it right with your waitress, you will get your appetizer and your entree at the same time.

    Great list! It helps a lot!

  23. I went there about 6 years ago before they remodeled and was not impressed. Maybe it is time I go and try it again. Thanks for the comment.

  24. We ate at Rincon Libanesa in David and were disappointed. We had the Mesa Libanesa for 8 and the Mariscos (mixed fish) platter for 4 to really taste the Lebanese table. The grilled meat portions were OK but the fish portions were disappointing with small to medium shrimps substituted for langostins (prawns). The corvina filets were broken and crumbled on the platter. Service was poor as no one attended the table periodically or poured the 2 bottles of wine. We had to get up and ask for the waitress to attend us. The manager Samir was nice and played our collection of Arabic music. We were charged a $20 service charge which surprised us. We left no tip. Overall my family was satisified but non paying guests usually are! We will be trying other Lebanese restaurants for comparisons like the just opened Ali Baba.

  25. Sorry you were not happy. I have always been satisfied. I have always been satisfied there and think it is one of the better restaurants in David. Most restaurants will add a tip when the group is 8 people. There are several other nice restaurants in David, but this is the only Lebanese that I know of.

  26. Hi Don,

    We still gave Rincon Lebinesa an average rating on It was a special party and if the service and fish had been better then definitely a better experience as we liked Samir and the atmosphere. They didnt take any credit cards and that surprised us as we had to find a ATM. Samir was very nice about this and trusted us which was very kind.

    Please try the new lebanese place Ali Baba near the central national lottery offices in David. The manager Basam. We had lunch there and it was very good. Great service too. No beer or wine though and we chose Rincon because of that. Basam takes credit cards. He cant get a liquor license because of expense and its too close to schools and churches. I would like to meet you and please when in Panama go to my bar and grill dedicated to all veterans (BOB – band of brothers) and the history of Panama and the canal. HNY!

  27. OK. I had not heard of that one and will put it on the list of restaurants to be tried. Thanks for the invite to your bar and grill. I do my best to avoid going to Panama City, but if I do, I will drop by if I can.

  28. Don Ray, Heard that La Tablita restaurant had recently opened and is
    located near the Fair grounds. Tried to find it, but couldn´t. Do you or
    any of your readers know the location? There is one in Panama City
    that is quite good. Thanks. Roy

  29. In Boquete, La Posada Boqueteño at the turn-off to the Panamonte, serves excellent Pizza. Big Daddy’s, on the main drag just before the plaza, has very good fish dishes (yummy fish tacos) and the best corn dog in town! The Bistro has changed management since your last reviews… new good food! Sugar & Spice, also on the main drag soon after the Texaco ex-station, has fantastic homemade soups and sandwiches, as well as the best breakfast burrito in Panama. And, there apparently are three more restaurants under construction in Alto Boquete, one of them rumored to be an authentic Mexican Food restaurant run by an authentic Mexican. We shall see.

  30. Hola Don,
    Didn’t see a recommend for Mana in Volcan. My wife and I spent a month in the area a year ago and ate at Mana many times, it was great! Jorge and his family are excellant hosts.
    Cheers, Don and Christine
    Greenwood, BC, Canada

  31. Hi Don. I have posted on Mana in Volcan and it is an oversight that it is not in the list of Volcan restaurants. You are correct that it is a great place to stop and Jorge and Vicki are personal friends of mine.

  32. Hola Don tambien hay un restauranr nuevo en David, se llama TERRA es italiano y la atencion tanto como la comida son excelentes….

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