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I received the following information via email with a request to post it. If you are in need of Computer service, this might give you another option. I am not familiar with the individual and post this solely for informational purposes.

Computer Doctor

My name is Kelvin King am a graduate Computer Technologist from the Technical University of Panama. With 3 years practical experience in Computer maintenance, fabrication and repair I know first hand the problems you can experience when your system is not operating properly.

I am presently setting up my own practice and would like to offer my services to you. Repair and Maintenance are generally done in your home with in a few hours. I am sure I can solve almost any problem your computer might develop quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price. Below are listed my fees and some of the services available:

Travel Fee: B/. 5.00, (covers transportation to and from your home)
Hourly Rate: B/. 10.00 (covers time spent on the job, billed ¼ hours)
Software Fee: B/. 3.00 (covers the use of my personal software)
Parts & Software: B/. 15% (is my actual cost plus 10%)

(Note: sometimes parts or software have to be ordered and you
will be consulted before the purchase is made for price approval)

Virus Elimination: (clear a virus or spy-ware from your system)
Programs Installation: (clean, reboot, load, and set-up new software)
Maintenance: (run various service diagnostics on the system)
Networking: (join 2 or more computers into an equipment sharing net)
Peripheral: (add, change or install new equipment) (printers, scanners web cams and sound systems)

Custom Systems
A custom system will usually cost you less and provide for a better, more stable environment. I can custom build a system for a very reasonable price and provide a guarantee that service is always available unlike a store bought system

An Average Computer Price, B/. $ 425.00
Parts and software (if required) = Cost +10%
Assembly, loading, set-up and delivery = time + Travel
Peripherals = Cost + 15% (not included in Average Computer Price)

Thank you for your time and attention. If you think I can be of service ,

Telephone: 66919507 Or Email:

References on Request

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  1. You mentioned kelvin King as a source of computer know-how some time ago before I caught a virus and had major problems with this computer.  I contacted Kelvin and asked him to come to my home in Boquete to assess the situation and determine what needed to be done.

    He made two visits.  The first visit was mostly diagnosis.  Kelvin could have tried to sell me a new computer but he did not.  I learned that I should not invest in a new computer.  Mine may be ‘old’ but it’s still a screaming machine.  I also learned there were several approaches to fixing my computer.  We elected to format both hard drives at a later date.  In the interim I needed to backup whatever I wanted to save and find my original installation disks for the software on the machine.  Kelvin was at my home about half a day and the charge was really reasonable.  I think it was around $40 and I got what I really needed — a way out of my problem.

    The second visit was fixit day.  Again, kelvin was at the computer for a half day.  He reformatted both hard drives, reloaded my software, tested, scanned and debugged the system and had me basically  up and running as good as new.  Like the first visit the fee was very reasonable and he did a good job.

     Kelvin asked me if I would recommend him to others on your blog.  I said I would.  He seems to be an honest and capable young man who knows his way around a PC.  I found him at and we made arangements over his cell phone 6691-9507.  He lives in David, speaks very good english, and was same-day responsive both by mail and in person.

  2. Hi, My name is William Lewis Beach and Kelvin came over my house to fix some problems in the Computer. He did a really good job. Also His charges were a really resonable price. I would highly recommend him. William L. Beach


  4. I posted this recently on the Yahoo group for gringos in David but not everybody here may read the group:

    I had a problem with my notebook which first freezed the system afte start,
    later did not even boot. I had several “specialists” look at it to no avail. One
    told me it’s the memory but he didn’t have that type. Another told me it’s the
    hard disk which did not convince me from the symptoms (boot start does not need
    the HD). Another (gringo retired in David) unmounted nearly everything and
    cleaned it because he (and I too) thought it might be a contact problem, but
    didn’t make it run. I brought it to PARS computers, which also charged me to
    tell me that there was a problem with the motherboard and I had to change it.
    They were probably the least competent of all, but of course they charged me for
    their “diagnosis”. Anyway I tried to get a motherboard but the notebook is out
    of warranty and ASUS does not sell the motherboard to end customers while their
    sales partners refused to reply to my requests (don’t buy ASUS!). I was already
    thinking about how to get the money to buy a new one (similar type about

    Then finally I read here about Kelvin K. King. I went to David, we met in a
    small bar and I thought “uh, he doesn’t even have a place where to repair the
    computers”. He had a bag of tools with him. He opened the notebook, looked at
    the inside and tried to start it while open, all on the bar’s table while others
    around were eating ice cream. I was very sceptic.
    Then he touched something inside, started again … and the notebook ran!!! I
    could not believe it. He told me that he noticed that the cooler fan did not run
    and many pc’s and notebooks have sensor that blocks the cpu if the fan is not
    running, so he pressed the connector to the motherboard to fix it better and
    that was it. Before the meeting we had agreed 10$/hour and he had done the job
    in about 1/2 hour. When he told me it was 20$ I was happy to give it to him. He
    had saved me about 800$ at least.

    His phone number is 6691.9507

  5. Has anyone used these services from Kelvin since the last post on 5/26/2010 and run into any problems? I need a tech to remove a virus. Charlotte H

  6. Thank you Peter for your response on 3/24/2011. I got in touch with Kelvin King via internet and we made an appointment (which was kept on the minute). This man was/is a blessing. He is top of the line. I had a virus on my computer (which he removed) , I had counterfeit software (taken care of) and infected files (which he corrected). In addition, the fan in my computer was not working as it should and my virtual memory always low. All problems were corrected when he ordered the parts from Panama City, they arrived in 3 days and he was back for the installation. I didn’t want to pay for the parts in advance as we were taken advantage in 3 instances in Panama paying beforehand. We paid AHEAD OF TIME AND — no service. When he came here, for the part installation, I received my receipt for shipping and the parts invoice with the guarantee. Kelvin can be trusted, is reliable and I am not computer literate and he took the time to explain what I had to do. He had the patience of a saint with me. His fees were not out of line and he accounted for every penny. In addition to all this, Speaks fluent Spanish and was able to communicate with me in English. My computer’s tech name is now KELVIN.

  7. Based on information from Chiriqui Chatter, we have invited Kelvin King (Computer Doctor) to our home twice in the past two weeks to solve two unrelated problems. You would be hard pressed to find a more polite and personable young man – and he really knows his business. He also takes the time to explain technical things in terms I can understand. So that makes him especially remarkable since he speaks pretty fluent English – and he’s able to translate techspeak to plain English – something very few U.S. techies can do!

    After he finished taking care of today’s problem, I casually mentioned that we now had developed yet a third computer problem, but didn’t want to spend the money right now to have it fixed. He had the true professional’s desire to help, and asked permission to check out the other computer (at no charge) so he could at least tell me how involved the new problem was. As my husband suspected, it does involve some new hardware, but the price Kelvin estimated was a very pleasant surprise.

    I can heartily recommend Kelvin King.


  8. Based on the 2+ years of positive testimonials, I recommended Kelvin to help my next door neighbor with a serious computer system problem.

    CC is a great information resource to the English speaking community here in Chiriqui, Panama.

  9. Kelvin is just great! He was able to eliminate my evil virus in 2 hours and the next day he got my computer to talk itself again (computer was very angry). He knows his stuff and I am very thankful someone like this is available. If you have a computer problem he is your man in Panama. When funds for my aquaculture project come in I am going to hire this man full time. Thanks Mike so much for giving me his number in the middle of Christmas break and having such a crisis, the ability of this man was my Christmas present. Thank you so much Kelvin, I will call you soon!

  10. My new “Best Friend Forever” for computer repair in Chiriqui, Panama is Kelvin. Since Kelvin had a “trust” and “success” track record in this blog (which really means in the gringo community) for fixing computer problems for almost 4 years, I thought I’d try him out. In Panama, reputation is VERY important. I recommended Kelvin to my neighbor Bill (previous post above) about a year ago and “Dr. Billy” was VERY satisfied with the results. My first experience with Kelvin was a home run. The hard drive on my son’s laptop had crashed. Kelvin had it fixed in 2 hours…and the low cost knocked me on the floor. I now have a couple of other computer projects for Kelvin. For me….Kelvin is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!.

  11. Hello This is Kelvin King with some Updates that I should have put before sorry for the big delay.


    Travel Fee: B/. 5.00, (covers transportation to and from your home)
    “this amount may changedepending on the travel time and cost”

    Hourly Rate: B/. 15.00 (covers time spent on the job, billed 1/3 hours)
    “First hour (Travel Fee + Hourly Rate) after B/. 5.00 every 20 minutes”

    Software Fee: included in the Hourly Rate
    Parts & Software: on Asking.

    Thanks for reading

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