Daily Archives: January 15, 2009

Coming Attraction

While I was at La Tipica, I noticed that a new bar/restaurant was opening up across the street. When I saw the word BARBEQUE it caught my attention. I went by and it is supposed to be open on the 17th for a bikers convention. Bikers from all over are supposed to be her on their way to San Jose from what I was told.

With just a couple days to go it looks like they have a lot of work yet to do. I will be surprised if it is 100% finished.  Continue reading Coming Attraction

Ropa Vieja

One of the foods I like in Latin American countries is Ropa Vieja. It is shredded beef. I guess the first I ever ate was made by a friend of mine in the US from Cuba. Every time I have it, I think of her.

I had this plate yesterday at La Típica. It was great. I thought the cheese cake was pretty good too. I have always had good food at La Típica. It is aimed at the locals so you will get a lot for your money.

If you stop in La Típica, tell them you heard of them from Chiriquí Chatter. Directions to La Típica may be found HERE.

Recipe for Ropa Vieja sent to me by a Chiriquí Chatter reader. Continue reading Ropa Vieja

Computer Doctor

I received the following information via email with a request to post it. If you are in need of Computer service, this might give you another option. I am not familiar with the individual and post this solely for informational purposes.

Computer Doctor

My name is Kelvin King am a graduate Computer Technologist from the Technical University of Panama. With 3 years practical experience in Computer maintenance, fabrication and repair I know first hand the problems you can experience when your system is not operating properly.

I am presently setting up my own practice and would like to offer my services to you. Repair and Maintenance are generally done in your home with in a few hours. I am sure I can solve almost any problem your computer might develop quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price. Below are listed my fees and some of the services available:

Travel Fee: B/. 5.00, (covers transportation to and from your home)
Hourly Rate: B/. 10.00 (covers time spent on the job, billed ¼ hours)
Software Fee: B/. 3.00 (covers the use of my personal software)
Parts & Software: B/. 15% (is my actual cost plus 10%) Continue reading Computer Doctor