Mail Going Outside of Panama

Yesterday I was visiting with a friend and she said she has mailed 25 Christmas Cards to the US. She described the process and is is what I am used to. The post office attendant would weigh the letter, verify the price for the destination, tear off one stamp, pass the envelope and stamp through the window to have the stamp attached to the letter, and then started on the next letter using the same process. This took about 30 minutes to mail these 25 envelopes.

Now the worst part of the story is that not a single Christmas Card reached its destination in the US. I have to assume that since they were Christmas Cards, someone thought there might be a dollar in the card.

I have mailed many letters to the us. Tax returns, letters to lawyers, etc. and everything to this point has made it without a problem. However, I never mail a letter, that is important, without sending it a registered mail. That also slows down the process, since another form has to be filled out, but after I put on the stamps, that the attendant gives me, the attendant puts on the registration number and I drop the mail in the mail box.

Like I said, I have had all mail received by the person I have sent it too. This included the three post cards that I sent for the student’s class project.

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  1. For you info if you are in boquete ,at the tuesday meeting there is usually someone going to the states who will drop the mail in the mailbox for you somewhere in the US

  2. The first week in December I went to Airbox Express in Boquete and had them send a priority envelope filled with three other envelopes that contained native crafts for my grandchildren. Little monetary value just small gifts from this beautiful country. The priority envelope cost $20 to send and never arrived in the US. In fact when we had Airbox Express track it they saw on the computer that it never left Panama City. They are still searching for the envelope.

  3. Hi Don Ray
    Happy New Year to you and your readers!
    I just had to leave a comment…we have previously sent three packages to Panama City (mostly clothing) on separate occassions and they have never gotten there…even when we have used registered mail. We just don’t bother anymore because it annoys me that I have spent a significant amount of money for gifts and other people benefit from them…especially when they are not the intended recipient. I think they see the post mark from Australia and assume that it will be something good!

  4. Hi CG. Happy New Year to you as well. I understand what you are saying. I can understand packages not making it, but Christmas Cards takes the cake.

  5. Mail Forwarding: Snail Mail to email and vise versa.

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    This is a panama company I have seen comments and can’t remember anything negative.
    Not a whole lot of specific’s here but they are local to you guy’s.


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