Aging Like Fine Wine

I have been playing around with YouTube today for entertainment. It is amazing what is out there, if you spend a little time looking for it. The last song I played got me to thinking a little. Maybe it was because I went out a couple of evenings, while I have been here in Panama City, and played Table Tennis.

What is the connection with table tennis? When I was in college at Texas Tech, I spent every hour, that I wasn’t studying or in class, in the basement of my dorm playing table tennis. I jokingly say that table tennis helped me finance my way through college. That isn’t exactly true, but it did buy a lot of enchilada dinners that I wouldn’t have eaten otherwise.

The point is that I was a pretty good player. I won several college trophys and my best trophy was the runner-up in a Texas State Open tournament in Midland Texas.

The two evenings I spent here last week showed few resemblances of the player I used to be. In fact out of about 9 or so games, I only remember winning one. While the mind still saw the shot, the reflexes just could not execute the shot.

Which brings me back to my YouTube travels this morning. I had been listening to several artists. Alison Krauss, Peter, Paul & Mary and John Denver, John Denver connected me with the Chad Mitchel Trio because John replaced Chad Mitchel. The Chad Mitchel Trio was one of my favorite groups during college. I loved their harmony and their sense of humor.

This morning I came across the following Chad Mitchel Trio video. I was surprised to see that it was not an old recording. Seeing them today and remembering them as I knew them, showed that they had aged but still retained that flair that I loved. I would have enjoyed seeing this entire concert.

To see them as I knew them, here is another video that was a favorite of mine.

While the group has aged, like a fine wine, they carried me off into pleasant memories of times gone by. I envy those that have the ability to sing and play, especially those that achieved enough greatness that they will always be remembered by their past performances.

While I said that I would not post during my stay in Panama City, today’s time on the Internet made me want to share some thoughts with you.

None of us remain as we once were. We will never be as fast. We will never be as agile. We will lbe as quick witted.

However, if we age skillfully like a fine wine, we can provide some good memories for others. It doesn’t take strength to tell someone that you care about them. It doesn’t take speed to give someone a friendly smile. It doesn’t take agility to give someone a pat on the back. Many good things only take a little compassion and the good thing is that compassion becomes easier with age.

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9 thoughts on “Aging Like Fine Wine

  1. Hi Don:

    The ASUS did a fine job and you penned an inspiring post. In enjoyed the video and the music. I still have a couple of vinyl albums of Peter, Paul and Mary. Never heard Chad Mitchel Trio before.



  2. Dear Don,
    That was a nice post and so very true, aging gracefully is a fine art that all of us could learn from, I know, personally, that I’ve enjoyed each of my decades of living, and at 62, it’s a nice age to be.
    I’m looking forward to an exciting year for this old globe of ours, there’s much to do and I hope leaders in many countries come together this year and it turns out to be a really good year for all.
    Have a safe journey back to David. Happy New Year!

    Take care,

  3. I liked your “move to the nearest seat” comment. I need to remember that. Until last week, I could say that I hadn’t been beaten in table tennis for over 30 years. Now I guess I will have to say I haven’t missed a jump shot in over 30 year.

  4. Don Ray,

    Thanks for the reminder of my childhood (I was only 8 when the Bell Telephone Hour video was aired). I too love to listen to harmony and have been listening to the Kingston Trio a lot lately.

    I can’t say anything about the ping pong. The only time I did well was when I was playing on a rolling vessel and the table was oriented port to starboard; I’d time a topspin serve with the table pitching down :-).

    Safe journey back to David.

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