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Sofia Visits Paradise Gardens

Yesterday we drove up to Boquete so that Sofia could see all of the animals in Paradise Gardens. If you are going to Boquete, put Paradise Gardens on you MUST SEE list. I only took a few photos yesterday that I will share in this post, but you can see more in the previous post and even more in the Paradise Gardens photo album.

Sofia had a blast getting to feed the monkey. At first she was a little afraid, but after the first attempt, she was at ease and didn’t want to leave.
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Tammy’s Restaurant Revisited

Yesterday, we went to Boquete to take Sofia to Paradise Gardens. We were in Boquete at lunchtime or as I call it – BURGERTIME.

One person had the lunch soup special which was a Mediterranean Chicken soup. This was the only photo I took, since I had the same burger that I had on my last visit.

Another had the rotisserie chicken, which was attacked before I could get a photo. Everyone raved about their food. Tammy’s is one of the best values in Boquete.

Will You Give Me A Home

Posted for a Chiriquí Chatter reader.

Hi, I am Sonia, a four month old mutt found on a street of Horconcitos starving, but I am now living in David. I am disparately looking for someone that I can call mummy or daddy. I am a very sweet and playful little girl despite the horrible beginning of my life. Please call Billie if you want to adopt me at 6447-4156.

Is This The Route To The Canal? Part 3 – The Final Chapter

I see that I never posted the final post on my root canal and new crown journey. The journey is complete and I declare it to have been a success.

The final dentist in the Dental Esthetic office that took care of having the new crown made and fitted was Dra. Ana Santanach de Caballero.

I was as pleased with Dra. Ana as I have been with Dra. Miriam and Dr. Ortiz. All three doctors were involved with this root canal journey and if ever there can be anything positive to say about having a root canal, this experience was my best. Dra Miriam diagnosed the need for the root canal, Dr. Ortiz performed the root canal and Dra. Ana did all work on the crown.

I have seen Dra. Ana in the Dental Esthetic office several times and think she is handling some of the office clients. I am pretty particular about who has their hands in my mouth and this clinic has not let me down yet. It is always good to know some people with a little pull so to speak.