Yep. I am still in Panama City

Like I said in a previous post, my plan was to return to David prior to New Year’s Eve. Guess what? It didn’t happen. But I also said that all of my plans in Panama are subject to change and I never know what I am going to be doing much ahead of my doing it.

Tonight will be a rip roaring night in Panama City. It will certainly be one to watch from afar and better to stay out of the fray. There will most likely be a lot of traffic accidents and a few deaths. Booze will be flowing and the fireworks will be going.

The fireworks should be spectacular and I hope to get a few photos.

I will keep this post short, since I am on a foreign computer and hate to write anything without my own spell checker. Even then I still make many mistakes, just less than without.

When you see the next “one liner” post, then you will know that I am back in David. Stay safe and I will be back next year (God willing).

Good bye 2008. You have been a good year.

9 thoughts on “Yep. I am still in Panama City

  1. Dear Don Ray,
    May your New Year be filled with love, laughter, health, prosperity and many more new friends!
    Your are one of a kind!
    All the Best! Cheryl

  2. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the good wishes. What more could a person want than what you listed. I do appreciate your nice thought.

    I also wish you a mirror image of what you wished me. In fact, I think that is a good wish for the entire world.

  3. Hey Don,
    Wishing you an awesome and healthy New Year 2009. I decided to stay in NC this year, but still missing my Panamanian traditions for Christmas and New Year. Be safe, Panamanians Do party after midnight.

  4. Hi Juan. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. We will watch all the celebrations in Panama for you. You are correct. I expect that many Panamanians will still be going strong at 4 in the morning, at least the ones that are still able to stand up.

  5. You’re exactly right. And January 1 means carnival warm-up for many of my people back home. I miss those crazy years.

  6. My neighbor who lives across the street is a German who spends his winters here. He owns a house. He and his friends were out last night and they really set off lots of fireworks. I think they had more fun than the Panamanians. They put on a show for the neighborhood. I was torn between watching the fireworks or watching TV and seeing the folks in Times Square freezing their you know what off.

    I am ready for Juvenil baseball to start.

    Happy New Year

  7. Hi John. Let me know sometime and maybe I can catch a game with you. I have always ment to go and haven’t yet. Happy New Year.

    Hi Tuxi, ¡Feliz y Prospero Año Nuevo! I will do my best to be safe on the way home. Whenever that is. 🙂

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