Chiriqui Property For Sale

I received an email from a private individual that has land for sale in Chiriqui. The description follows:

Notice for sale – 68 hectareias of land in the Horconcito district of San Lorenzo Province of Chiriqui. 62 hectaries are reforested, 40 hectareias with African Mahogany (khaya Senogalersis) and 20 hectareias of Theca that is approximately 14 years of age with forest registry. If anyone wishes more information, they can contact me at 66725233 or at 65106952

Kindly: Aracelly G. of Rodriguez

As with any posts of this nature, this is not an endorsement by Chiriqui Chatter, but merely a service to individuals that I am willing to do. It is up to all interested parties to do the due diligence to validate the property.

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  1. Don Ray,
    I tried to find this on a map, but haven’t had any luck; can you tell me where it is in relationship to David to orient me, please?

    Happy New Year!


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