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  1. I have to disagree. If all the cars are facing the same way, there would not be any oncoming traffic to worry about. However, pulling over to fill up could be a problem if they are all bumper to bumper.

  2. I completely agree: You haven´t reached a stop sign here in David, when, regardless of the line of cars passing in front, someone is honking behind. A lady in Panama City shouted another driver: “¡No entiendo cómo has podido llegar a VIEJO ( without a heart attack). !”

  3. Well said AS.
    No entiendo cómo has podido llegar a VIEJO
    loosely translated comes out as:
    I do not understand how you could reach old.
    Was it intended to mean:
    “How did you reach your age without having a heart attack.”
    “Should you still be driving at your age?”
    “I am getting old waiting for you to make a move in a forward direction so I can be on my way in rush to cruise down the road at 2 kms/hr and honk my horn at every person, intersection and parked car that looks as if it might pull out in front of me.”

  4. Mike and bob, my apologies for this belated answer. I appreciate your English versions of: “No entiendo cómo has podido llegar a viejo”.

    “How have you ever survived this long!”, provided by a friend consulted, seems the most adequate. I like these challenges for it is very hard to translate ideas. Taking into consideration the few seconds the lady had to unroll the window and shout, the phrase had to be as short and emphatic as possible. In our Spanish culture, and and in that context, being told you´re old is an insult.

    I, of course, don´t drive in Panama City. Here in Chiriqui I usually protest with an inaudible ¡Meeto! whose intonation varies according to the the context but others are able to read your lips…

    Merry Christmas!

  5. David, I plan on going there in mid to end of January and will be looking for a used Terios to buy. (2000 or newer) If you happen to see one at a dealership please keep me in mind.


  6. This may have been asked before, but, in the picture at the top of this page there seems to be a colossally large man on the sidewalk on the right. Am I seeing things?

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