La Perla Navidad Display

Last night, we took Sofia to see a Christmas display in the housing area of La Perla. This display is set up across two houses. The first house has a couple of large yard scenes set up.

The second one is probably the most talked about Christmas presentation in all of David and most likely in all of Chiriquí. It is a model of the Holy Lands and has a narrated presentation of the Christmas Story. They have bleachers and folding chairs set up and when the presentation is going on, only standing room is available.

The presentation starts at 7:30 PM and is well worth seeing. As the presentation is being given, it is coordinated with lights and music so that the appropriate scene is highlighted. If you are in the David area and more specifically in the La Perla area, I recommend you see this display. You will enjoy the presentation, but it will require you to exercise your Spanish skills.

Here are some photos of the display. You will see people walking around the display and that will give you an idea of the scale. Eash of the following was lit during some portion of the Nativity narration.

Sofia enjoyed the presentation and listened intently. I was impressed.

Here are Sofia and her mother in front of one of the scenes of the adjacent house.

This is an excellent Christmas activity and one that reminds us of the real reason that a large part of the world celebrates Christmas.

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  1. Don Ray:
    Is this set up insde a garage (car port) or open front yard? It look like is under a roof.
    Thanks for the pictures

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