The Dry Season Has Arrived

You can sure tell the dry season has arrived. The skies have fewer clouds and the wind has a hint that it will be increasing. Before long we will be ready for a rain to cool things down during the daytime. Currently, I can’t imagine anything being better than this. Especially after looking at the weather that is going across the northeastern part of the US.

Another reason the day is so nice is that Sofia has come for a visit. There is nothing like having a young one running around the house. Her energy and laughter are infectious. Yes, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

12 thoughts on “The Dry Season Has Arrived

  1. Don Ray:
    From where I am sitting I can see in the distance the new blanket of snow on the SIERRA Nevada (doesn’t snow in Fresno-Clovis area in Central California), temperature is about 42 F, is wet outside. And then you rub in the wonderful weather you are having in my hometown! That is why I get the winter blues year after year!

  2. Hi Jaime. Sorry for telling what a beautiful day I was having. 🙂 I do not miss the snow and I especially don’t miss hail and ice storms.

  3. I’ll take my chances with the hail and only 42-F?? I woke up this morning and it was 6-F out side in Wichita Kansas with a 33 MPH wind that will cut you to the bone. So yea I’ll take Clovis tepms any time. However you can keep the rest of California, I lived in Mexifornia for 30 years and when I left I took the rear view mirror off so I coudn’t see what I was leaving behind. Actually I think I’ll keep the 6-F after all, thanks anyway, or even better Panama, now that sounds like a plan….

  4. Hi Don Ray,

    Pretty much similar weather here in the Philippines.

    I was wondering if you might have some information about Radio Sol in David. I have a friend in Florida trying to contact the radio station but the Panama directory service can’t find them. Are they even still operational?



  5. 14 degrees this a.m. with snow and sleet. Not much work on the roads yet but we are getting reports that it is really icy on I40 and I 35 down thru the Arbuckles. Isn’t that a surprise. Winter is here in Enid, Oklahoma and sounds like here to stay this week. Jan

  6. Radio El Sol, belongs to Walter Coriat the owner of Almacen Jackie in the corner of Parque Cervantes in front of Revilla, also he is the owner of Mc Pato in the back of Fiesta Casino and Todo a Dollar Stores.
    In one of this places they can give you information about this radio station. I understand the radio is in the second flor of the building where use to be a Banco General, now they have a clothes stores Econo Somenthing. But must of the time the radio runs automatic.

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