10 thoughts on “Gas Prices December 1, 2008

  1. Gas prices in Enid, Oklahoma this morning are $1.59. Went up over the holiday up to $1.65 to $1.69. Oil by the barrel is still down. Don’t know how much longer this can continue. Still drilling wells in our area and now are starting to lease to put up wind towers. Jan

  2. Hi Jan,

    If anyone wants to contact me to obtain a lease for wind towers, you know how they can reach me.

    Hi Ray. No, gasoline is sold by the galon in Panama. The octane ratings are not the same as in the US though. 91 in Panama = 87 in the US. 95 in Panama = 91 in the US.

  3. thanks for the reply…just found your site and its been helpful as I plan for a trip April-ish of ’09. One plan is too rent a car in Panama City and drive my way up to your area. I heard that “full coverage” rental insurance is not really FULL coverage…any thoughts?

  4. Hi Ray. I can answer your question on Insurance coverage for rentals. The last time I rented a car was in 2002 and 2003 for a short time. When I rented I made sure that I had agreement from my rental agency in the US what was going to be charged and to verify that the coverage I had on my credit card would be honored in Panama.

  5. Don Ray:
    Regular (87) $1.69 in Fresno-Clovis area in Central California. And you are right about the difference in octanes in Panama, thanks for clarifying.

  6. HAPPY DAYS are here again!
    If I had a few $$’s I’d buy a 500 or 1000 gal petrol tank and fill it now!
    Jan interesting point. When the last well is leased, gas/oil prices will start to rise again. Hard to say how/when a turn will come. From what I read, economies WORLDWIDE are taking a hammering. It’s almost as if it were an inside job…naahhh. The PTB love us!
    For every dollar saved at the pumps, Wall St. is cleaning out retirement accounts to the tune of billions & trillions. The hyperinflationary force 5 hurricane hasn’t even made landfall yet.
    I have a good link or 2:
    Past & Present; Your Money:

    Excellent Overview of The ‘Bailout’

    You have been informed. Many ‘experts’ are expecting a hyperinflationary dep****ion. Hate to use that word!
    Guard your nesteggs well. Buy something real!


    P.S. Gas prices still $5/USDollars in C.R. The gov’t here has a lock on state controlled energy distribution. Their heavy-handedness doesn’t border on criminal. It is.

  7. Don’t feel bad.
    Now that the price of petrol has come down a bit in England and considering the exchange rate as of today, one gallon of gas = $6.16 and a gallon of diesel = $7.21 based on average prices in the U.K.
    Last July, when 1 GB pound = $2.00, a gallon of gas cost $9.00 and diesel was $9.74 a gallon. Bear in mind that a U.S. gallon is 8/10 of a U.K. gallon.
    We calculated that we spent $800.00+ on petrol when we made a trip to Britain earlier this year and that was in a compact car after 2064 miles in 12 days.

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