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Yep. I am still in Panama City

Like I said in a previous post, my plan was to return to David prior to New Year’s Eve. Guess what? It didn’t happen. But I also said that all of my plans in Panama are subject to change and I never know what I am going to be doing much ahead of my doing it.

Tonight will be a rip roaring night in Panama City. It will certainly be one to watch from afar and better to stay out of the fray. There will most likely be a lot of traffic accidents and a few deaths. Booze will be flowing and the fireworks will be going.

The fireworks should be spectacular and I hope to get a few photos.

I will keep this post short, since I am on a foreign computer and hate to write anything without my own spell checker. Even then I still make many mistakes, just less than without.

When you see the next “one liner” post, then you will know that I am back in David. Stay safe and I will be back next year (God willing).

Good bye 2008. You have been a good year.

Chiriqui Property For Sale

I received an email from a private individual that has land for sale in Chiriqui. The description follows:

Notice for sale – 68 hectareias of land in the Horconcito district of San Lorenzo Province of Chiriqui. 62 hectaries are reforested, 40 hectareias with African Mahogany (khaya Senogalersis) and 20 hectareias of Theca that is approximately 14 years of age with forest registry. If anyone wishes more information, they can contact me at 66725233 or at 65106952

Kindly: Aracelly G. of Rodriguez

As with any posts of this nature, this is not an endorsement by Chiriqui Chatter, but merely a service to individuals that I am willing to do. It is up to all interested parties to do the due diligence to validate the property.

On This Day

On this day let’s reflect on how fortunate we are to be alive. To be with family and friends. To live in a place where we can express our views freely. To have plenty of food on the table. To have the memory of times gone by. To have the eyesight to see the beauty of nature. To be able to hear the happiness of a bird’s song. To have the opportunity to help others less fortunate than we are.

Chiriquí Chatter wishes all of you that read this message a Merry Christmas. May your hearts be filled with joy and may you have many more days to follow.

Obituary From Albuquerque, New Mexico Newspaper

A Chiriquí Chatter Reader sent me the following Obituary. I found it interesting:

Native of Panama Returned as Missionary
By Lloyd Jojola
Journal Staff Writer

The Rev. Claudio Iglesias was born on a little island off the Caribbean coast of Panama and was 13 years old when he was sent to the United States to receive an education.

Not that he wished to leave. “He was very happy being the youngest of 12 children,” said his attorney-son David Iglesias. “He wanted to stay, and he knew that people in the city — Panama City and in America wore shoes.

–He figured if he hid his shoes, they wouldn’t ship him off to the U.S.
–“So he hid the one pair of shoes that he had. And my uncle put him on the boat anyway.”

(The shoes were found under a bed and taken by little boat to Iglesias’ big boat before it left.) Continue reading Obituary From Albuquerque, New Mexico Newspaper

La Perla Navidad Display

Last night, we took Sofia to see a Christmas display in the housing area of La Perla. This display is set up across two houses. The first house has a couple of large yard scenes set up.

The second one is probably the most talked about Christmas presentation in all of David and most likely in all of Chiriquí. It is a model of the Holy Lands and has a narrated presentation of the Christmas Story. They have bleachers and folding chairs set up and when the presentation is going on, only standing room is available.

The presentation starts at 7:30 PM and is well worth seeing. As the presentation is being given, it is coordinated with lights and music so that the appropriate scene is highlighted. If you are in the David area and more specifically in the La Perla area, I recommend you see this display. You will enjoy the presentation, but it will require you to exercise your Spanish skills.

Here are some photos of the display. You will see people walking around the display and that will give you an idea of the scale. Eash of the following was lit during some portion of the Nativity narration.

Continue reading La Perla Navidad Display

Merry Christmas to all Chiriquí Chatter Readers

This is an early warning that I will soon be out of pocket. The plan is to drive to Panama City on the 21st. If everything goes as according to the plan, we will return prior to New Years Eve. But as everyone knows, plans in Panama are subject to change at a moments notice. That includes leaving and returning schedules. While I will be out of pocket, I will try to respond to emails and comments, but there will be no posts that will be made in Panama City. I may return with photos.

The only thing I know for sure is that I do not expect to see a White Christmas. Just to be safe, let me wish all of you, that have visited Chiriquí Chatter this year, a very Merry Christmas. You have all made this year very special for me.

The number of Panamanians around the world that have found Chiriquí Chatter and have added their comments to posts have increased in 2008. Chiriquí Chatter’s overall reader base continues to slowly grow on a monthly basis. It is amazing to me how many people are out there that are interested in what is going on in this part of the world.

This time of year, I get a lot of hits from students looking for Panama Christmas traditions. I added a post last year, so that their search would be a little more productive. You might even enjoy it and can find it HERE.

Stay well. Be Happy. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Don Ray

openSUSE 11.1 is out

I am in the process of downloading the latest release of openSUSE. I have been running release 11.0 for some time and openSUSE 11.1 is now out.

I am using the torrent method to get both the 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs. Both are over 4 gigabytes in size and transferring that much data is subject to errors in transmission. I have never had a problem if I have used torrents.

Unfortunately, I may not get the download completed before I leave for Panama City for the holidays, but I will have a new project to start of 2009.