Universidad Latina Photo Album Created

I have added all of the photos, that I took during the Universidad Latina Thanksgiving program, to the Chiriquí Chatter Albums. You can find the photos HERE.

UPDATE: I guess I should update this post. Unless you read the previous post, you may get confused and think that Panama celebrates Thanksgiving Day. They do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday.The program that Universidad Latina put on, was done by their English School, and was a cultural awareness program teaching the students something about the background and cultural ties that this day has with the USA. It is done so that the students understand Panama’s northern friends better

7 thoughts on “Universidad Latina Photo Album Created

  1. I think teachers and students did a wonderful job by putting together such a wonderful program. I am so glad that the attendees were also very interested in this type of cultural event. Chiriqui desperately needs a cultural arts and center where this types of events can be held to the whole community. Again, congratulations to the whole troupe; they did a wonderful job. My students and I visited a senior adult center and decorated some Thanksgiving bags, cake, pinata, and cards for our seniors. Have a nice week.

  2. Hi Don Ray, Thanks for the pictures. They were wonderful as usual. One thing that I have to know. What is the Thanksgiving connection? The one we celebrate here in the U.S. has something to do with a harvest festival bewteen the Native Ameicans and the Pilgrims.
    Thanks, freddh

  3. Good job on the pictures. I always enjoy looking at pictures of folks in their element expressing themselves. Thanks for taking and sharing these pictures.

  4. Hi freddh. Hopefully the Thanksgiving connection is explained in the referenced post. This is Universidads way of studying US customs. It is a cultural awareness project.

    Hi Michael. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  5. Thanks for posting the pictures and the link. I never thought Thanksgiving was celebrated in Panama.

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