Aid For Bocas del Toro

Yesterday, I went out to the airport to take some photos of the workers supporting the people in Bocas. A large staging area has been set up on the left side of the airport. The only way to get items to and people from Bocas, at this time , is via air. The US is providing two large helicopters, one of which I saw, but didn’t capture in a photo.

Colombia was providing large cargo airplanes. When I got to the airport I took this photo of one plane taking off to go to Bocas.

After taking the above photo from the Barnard’s restaurant, I found out where the actual work was being done and headed over to that area.

This is one area that had been setup for goods awaiting a plane. In the foreground you can see lots of milk and lots of water.

Here you see a large palate of milk being loaded on pickup to be taken to the plane.

Here is Tom, arriving from SINAPROC, with a load of items for Bocas.

Here is a Colombian plane returning from Bocas. I was told that the flights were going as often as the weather would allow.

The plane has just opened its cargo bay.

Here are the first people from Bocas departing the plane.

Many were in need of medical care and the ambulances were ready to take them

The media was interviewing this woman as she walked. I am sure much of this was on the even news.

In another area, more cargo for Bocas was being loaded onto this truck. A line of men were passing the items from one to the other.

This is the closest I have ever been to a disaster of this nature. I can’t tell you how good it makes you feel to see people helping people. I see so many people giving what ever they can. Whether it be time, or money or two bottles of water, like the man on the bike I mentioned yesterday. People selflessly helping others. There should be more of that in this world.

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  1. Hello friends:
    A home economics teacher who yesterday came back from Bocas, is sorting donations at SINAPROC, behind Mercado Atresanal. She told me that blankets, towels, comforters and bed linen are in dire need too.
    Thanks for the pictures and nice comment, Don Ray.

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