Update From The Chamber of Tourism for Chiriquí

I just received the following update from Cámara de Turismo de Chiriquí.

Hello people:
Tourism Chamber of Chiriqui reminds everyone that we are leaving our office in David at 8:30am to get the donations we have received during the week to the Municipal offices in Boquete. Anyone who would like to come with us, should be in Prestige Panama Realty offices at 8:15am. Candelario Vargas will provide us the transportation.

Thanks to Viajes Travesias, that will provide us with another bus, we will get the donations to Cerro Punta probably by the afternoon.

Thank You very much, to all the people that have donated something for this cause. We will keep receiving more donations the next week, starting on Tuesday Dec,2nd. Please keep in mind the most necessary things are: bottled water (preferably gallons or liters), diapers (preferably fabric diapers), infant milk, warm clothes for kids, blankets, canned food (something that can be ingested immediately or after short-time cooking), rice, soups, grains, etc.

Best Regards,

Raquel R. de Fung
Cámara de Turismo de Chiriquí
Tel: 775-0253 / 6676-2269

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