Service With A Smile

I love to get emails like this. I received the following follow up email from a couple that had contacted me for a recommendation for someone to act as a guide and assistant when they visited Panama City. I thought of my blogging buddy, Omar, who lives in Panama City and suggested that they might contact him. Camila’s email follows:

Hi Don,

I’m Michael’s wife and I believe you’ve chatted with Michael in the past since that is how we came to know Omar Upegui.

First off all, let me thank you for having made it possible for us to meet Omar. He is a true gentle- man. A wonderful person that we are only too happy to have had the pleasure to meet.

Once you directed us to him Omar was always helpful and his advice and aid made our trip to Panama much better than it would’ve otherwise been. Omar met us at the airport, one day later than expected since we’d been bumped off our original flight, and he waited for us so patiently as we were 1 hour late in exiting since our luggage had not arrived and we’d been held back while filing a claim. Most people I know would’ve left figuring we could take care of matters ourselves but not Omar, there he was with a cheery smile holding up a sign with our names on it. We were the last people to exit customs and we were so relieved to see Omar was still there, we were exhausted and ready for someone else to take over.

Omar is “muy servicial” as we might say in Spanish and he came prepared for us with a map of the country knowing that we’d be leaving the next morning on our driving tour of Panama. He got us to our hotel and as we checked in he made sure the car would be delivered the next morning as promised. He took care of us by going with us to get a late lunch and provide us with as much helpful information as he could think of for our upcoming journey. And finally, he made sure we got to the drugstore to buy toiletries and medications we needed which we didn’t have since our luggage hadn’t yet made it to Panama. And he did this while smiling the entire time, being deliberate in his courteous gestures, and speaking PERFECT English at all times. His fees were very modest and we couldn’t have been happier with his service.

Upon returning from our trip throughout Panama we saw Omar again as he took us back to the airport. What a pleasure to see his smiling face so early in the morning, he’s a Great Ambassador for his country. We’ve discussed with him certain needs we might have as we plan our move to Panama, especially with importing our many pets, and he has signed up to assist us any way he can. Omar is honest and diligent and such a true gentleman that we feel incredibly fortunate to have met him and in the future have him as our facilitator.
I would not hesitate to recommend him as a facilitator to anyone who asks or needs such services. I know that if its something beyond Omar’s scope he would let one know right away and even assist one in finding the right person.

We can’t thank you enough for directing us towards Omar and we can’t thank him enough for being who he is.

Please feel free to have people contact us should they desire more detail about Omar’s services.
We look forward to meeting you some time in the future when we become fellow “Chiriquianos”.
All the Best,

3 thoughts on “Service With A Smile

  1. Hi Don:

    My face is still red. I’m blushed. Camila’s words are most kind and I don’t know what to say but to thank her for her human warmth.

    As I said before, I thank you for recommending me to the Yuma couple, and for including Camila’s e-mail in your blog. Today is a very special day for me, one day after Thanksgiving.

    Best Regards,


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