Universidad Latina’s Thanksgiving Program

I mentioned in a previous post that there would be a Thanksgiving Day program in Parque de Cervantes last Sunday. I got up and decided is wasn’t going to rain and made it to the park around 8:30 AM.  The photos that will appear in this post will be a small portion of the photos I took. I have had a request from a Panamanian, to use my photos in his blog. When I get the address to his blog, I will put it HERE. I have added an album with all of the photos taken. You will find it HERE.

Now lets get started. You can see there is still evidence of the previous day’s and night’s rain in the following photo.

To the left in the previous photo is the park’s stage area and that is where the program will be. Let’s head on over there. In the following photo, students and facility are adding the finishing touches and the program will begin at approximately 9:00AM (Panamanian time).

This handout shows that the program is put on by the Universidad Latina third quarter English Class of 2008.

I will apologize for not having the name of all of the faculty that will be in the following photos. I am just happy that most of the photos turned out OK.

The entire program was in English. The introductions of all parts of the program was given both in English and in Spanish. As you will see later, there was a large crowd. Some of the crowd were bilingual and some spoke Spanish only. Being out of the US this time of year, I can tell you that the program pulled on my heart strings.

This lady kicked off the program. She basically told everyone that this program was being put on by the English School of Universad Latina and explained what was to come.

Because of Panama’s long standing ties with the US, Panama studies the US cultural history. The program talked about the pilgrims coming to America and the struggles that they faced. It talked about the first Thanksgiving Day. I was impressed with the amount of work that went into this program and how Panamanians try to understand their friends to the North. I encourage all of those that are moving to Panama, to enjoy retirement, to spend a little time learning some Panamanian history., some Spanish, and learn a little of the culture of your new host.

This current student on the left and past student on the right were the emcees, presenting each part of the program. One would do it in English and one in Spanish. You may recognize the fellow, he is a pitcher for the Boston Red Socks.

This gentleman gave the benediction (both in English and Spanish).

I took this photo of a young boy looking at the presents that would be given out later to all of the children. Too bad I could only get the photo from behind, because I am sure there was wonder in his eyes for what he might receive.

Here is a series of five photos of the first group to perform. They were announced as an award winning dance team.

This was another of the faculty.

This was another dance group.

Following is a short video of the two dance groups.

The following photo was a skit about a princess. She is shown here talking to her mother the queen on the right.

The princess was going to go out for the day and the queen had told her daughter not to talk to any strangers. Like all youngsters, she didn’t follow her mother’s guidence and is shown here talking to two strangers and getting ready to go with them.

The queen had asked the princess’ fairy godmother, on the left, to watch out for the princess.

Later the princess met a wicked wizard who cast a spell over the princess and took away her voice. This photo was a doctor the queen had brought in to cure the princess.

I tried to give you a little feel of how the skits were presented. Remember, all of the skits are entirely in English.

The following group sang a Christmas song. There entire program had an inspirational theme to it. While it was oriented toward Thanksgiving, we were reminded not to be thankful one day a year, but all days a year. We were reminded that Thanksgiving is followed by Christmas and to remember those that are less fortunate.

This group also sang.

This was another of the faculty and you will see her later singing with some of the students.

Here was another skit reminding us to be thoughtful of others. In this photo the young man is encouraging the young lady to not be sad over the death of one of her parents.

The next three photos will give you an idea of the crowd that was there.

There was even a little Shakespeare.

Here was another singing group.

At this poing, I had to leave, so I didn’t get photos of the entire program. I really had a great time. Parts of the program tugged at my heartstrings as I said earlier. Part of the program gave me a good laugh. But all of the program showed me students that were making their families proud. Learning another language is not easy. I know from experience.

I hope you enjoyed the post. I assure you that you would have had a great time had you been there in person.

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