5 thoughts on “Ariadna You Are Such A Little Doll

  1. Still has those Davíd cheeks!! But wait. Give her a few months and she’ll be looking like Bertha – a real beauty!!!

  2. Let’s see: Beauty from Bertha, Smarts from Bertha. Wonder what she’s gonna finally get from Davíd??? Sense of humor, maybe???

    We hope to see all of them soon – since we were evacuated from our home on Saturday and are currently living in one room con gato, we’re ready for a trip to our favorite restaurant to see our favorite restauranteurs!! Maybe next week – or next month – or next????

  3. dont worry wendy, i will waiting for you
    i hope all is fine with you in boquete
    if you need something call us too

    David y Bertha

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