Is This The Route To The Canal?

Today, I had a visit with my dental advisor, Dra. Miriam at her clinic, Dental Esthetic.

It had been about 3 months, since my last visit and a problem tooth, I have, was acting up. An x-ray indicated that I was possibly having trouble with a crown I had gotten in the US. It appeared to be leaking and causing an infection.

She got on the phone and had a specialist come over and take a look. As a result, I have a root canal scheduled for tomorrow. That is my bad news for the day.

There is some good news for you. While I was there, Dra. Miriam informed me that there was a promotion going on for the month of December.

One special is a cleaning and whitening of the upper teeth for $150. I had her whiten my teeth and I was amazed at how good they looked. The second special is two small fillings for the price of one. $25. Larger filling requirements may cost more.

I was drilling for a little humor in this post, but I guess the title is as close to humor as it is going to get.

3 thoughts on “Is This The Route To The Canal?

  1. Don Ray,

    I had a new permanent crown place on a toot with a redone root canal on Wednesday. Apparently, when the root canal was originally done, they thought it (a molar) only had three roots, but the dentist was able to find the fourth root (it was curved back towards the others on the x-ray) and fill it with the plastic.

    Hopefully, you’ll have a good experience.

  2. Just returned and to this point everything is ok. The proof with any root canal is a month or so after it is done. I return next week for the crown.

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