Panamanian – Si o No?

This morning I received an email with a video of Salsa dancing. It was of a dance competition. The email implied that it was a Panamanian couple living in Florida. Her name is Janette Manrara (24 years old) and his is Romulo Villaverde (19 years old).

I did some searches on the Internet, but was unable to confirm their being Panamanian.

None-the-less, the video was fun to watch. Toward the end of the dance, they did a routine they called the soccer ball. You have to see it to understand how it got that name. After some searches I found this YouTube video, which contained the dance video, and also contained the judges analysis.

I hope you enjoy it. If they are Panamanian, leave a comment. If they dance Salsa like this in David, I would go to see it.

7 thoughts on “Panamanian – Si o No?

  1. Hi Don:

    This pair is out of this world. Janette’s tricks defy the law of gravity. As one of the judges said, it was pure entertainment. I was sorry Rómulo couldn’t make it to Vegas.

    Great post.


  2. I love some of these reality shows, however, I will just eco the word “entertainment.” There is a big misleading concept between ball room salsa and being an innate salsa dancer. Ball room salsa, like any other ball room dance is more steps. Those of us who learn to tune our ears to drum beats and other music sounds sometimes disagree with these types of “cosmetic dances” as I call them. Latino rythms is more than that, but they did a good job.

  3. I think I actually watched this when it was broadcast. No idea on the Panama connection though.

    On a side note, I just started using Adobe’s Flash 10 alpha for Linux 64-bit. It seems more stable than the 32-bit with nsplugin-wrapper — woo! hoo!

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