Óptica Lopez Has Moved In David

In case you have tried to use my previous posts on Optica Lopez, for directions, you probably found out that they are no longer in their old location.

I ran into a Chiriquí Chatter reader the other day and she thanked me for the Optica Lopez reference. She had recently gone there and was very pleased with the quality of service she had received. When she told me that, I realized that I hadn’t posted anything on their new location.

Optica Lopez is now located on the street and corner directly behind Super99.

Here are Martha, Diovelis and Dr. Julio. Normally, you would also see Yajaira, but she was out running errands.

If you stop into Optica Lopez, tell them you learned about them from Chiriquí Chatter.

4 thoughts on “Óptica Lopez Has Moved In David

  1. Dr. Julio not only made a great pair of glasses for my son, at a very reasonable price, but also drew me a map to the jeweler who, for five bucks, would repair his old pair.
    Very nice people.

  2. Hi Mary. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. This has been one of the benefits that I tend to forget about Panama.The examination is free and I think my glasses have cost me about 1/3 what I paid in the US. Of course the 15% jubo;ado discount helps.

  3. We’re looking for a good place to get glasses. Have you used this company recently? Would you still recommend it? Thanks for sharing your reviews – we use them a lot!

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