Mario’s Bar and Grill Revisited

It has been over a year, since I last went to Mario’s. My how time flies, when you are having fun. Mario’s restaurant came up during the discussion at Universidad Latina, so I stopped by on my way home. I am glad I did.

I have heard that Mario’s has a great hamburger, so that was what I ordered. I also ordered the Pappas Asado, which I recommend. This is a baked potato that has been mashed and buttered to perfection. This was the first time I have had a hamburger at Mario’s. This may be the best hamburger and best hamburger value in David.

I ordered the double burger. It had to have been at least three and maybe four inches tall. I had to eat it with a fork because I could not get my mouth around it and I have a big mouth. A regular cheeseburger ran about $1.65 and at $2.65, the double burger is a real buy. It is charcoal cooked and this one was better than the ones I have had at Las Brasas.

Mario’s is still open only in the evening. This is a typical Panamanian Bar-B-Que restaurant and should be on your “gotta go there places” list. See my Previous Post for directions on how to get there. I will not wait another year to return. If you go, tell Mario you read about his restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

5 thoughts on “Mario’s Bar and Grill Revisited

  1. You got it…..Alternatively, you could have sat on the burger for a while. It is “Non American” to eat a burger with a knife and fork.

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