Have the Pride – Earn the Pride – Fear the Pride

Football is very big in Texas. My grandson, Noah, lives in Austin and at the age of 12 loves the game. Luckily for me, one of the parents, videos all the games and stores them on a server that I can access.

Noah’s team, the Lions, is in the playoffs and, if successful, will get to go to Florida to compete. They came close last year. Maybe 2009 will be the year.

Here are the Lions getting ready to smash through the banner and crush the Horns.

Noah played a very good game. He got to play some quarterback and some defense. Here is Noah after he had made an interception and was running it back.

This is Noah making a tackle. He seemed to get up a little slow after that hit. Remember Noah, your head wasn’t intended to be used as a battering ram.

The final score is below.

Way to go Lions. Way to go Noah. Thanks to Wayne Brooks for making me able to watch the game.

2 thoughts on “Have the Pride – Earn the Pride – Fear the Pride

  1. I watched two games last night. I saw the Colts and the Steelers and it was a good game. I have not seen many Lions games this season. I don’t know why. Just a year or two ago they were on almost all the time.

  2. Hi Abe. Had my grandson’s team beaten the Lions team, you are refering to, my post would probably have been front page news in Texas. 🙂

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