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Las Brasas Opening at 11:00 AM (Todo Los Dias)

I was driving past the Cervantes Park yesterday and saw a banner saying that Las Brasas was now open at 11:00 AM. It said “Todo los dias”, so I assume it is open every day now as well. That should allow people that don’t live in David, to try a burger before making the drive back home.

UPDATE: I received an email that Las Brasas is not serving hamburgers for lunch. They said only an Executive Lunch (what ever that is). Sorry for misleading everyone. I will try to go by and find out what the plans are for they future. If they aren’t serving hamburgers for lunch, I won’t be going during the day time.

Here Today – Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday afternoon, we had a very hard rain. I looked out the window to see a lot of hard work washing down the street. You may remember when the tree, close to my apartment, exploded from rain on its branches shorting the power lines.

While this was on city property, the city did not remove the tree after it cut it down to prevent further problems. Finally, the owner of the adjacent house, on the corner, paid to remove the tree and had been hauling in trucks of soil to sod a nice area. Yesterday morning he had just dropped another load of dirt.

The rain yesterday afternoon managed to take most of his work and wash it down the street. The following photo shows the area that had been filled with dirt just past the apartment parking area. You can see that the parking area is completely covered with soil.
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Alfonso Caballero Flores

I received the following email from Antonio Singh:

Alfonso Caballero Flores (Max) is offering part of his collection to the readers of

He have participate in more than 50 art exposition, 3 individuals exposition and 1 international.

Is a member of the Pinacoteca de Arte Contemporaneo de Chiriqui.

In this link you can see the paintings

For more information
Antonio M. Singh C.

Paradise Gardens – Boquete

Last Tuesday, I made a trip to Boquete with the sole purpose of visiting Paradise Gardens. I have planed on going many times before and when I would get to Boquete, the day would turn rainy and I would cancel my trip. Tuesday was a very nice morning to go. It was fresh from an previous night’s rain, and perfect for viewing nature and all of the treasures that Paradise Gardens holds.

In a short time, Paradise Gardens has become a Boquete fixture. It is loved by visitors and its surrounding neighbors as well. Lets take a little tour through the gardens and I think you will want to put it on your list of places to visit, when you are in Chiriquí.

To get there, take the road to Volcancito, which is at the intersection by the Cefate. Paradise Gardens will be past Fresa Mary’s and on the right side of the road.

Many of its neighbors think so much of Paradise Gardens, that they donate time for giving tours or assisting in one way or another. The following photo is a perfect example. This young lady is working on illustrating the animals that will great you when you enter.
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