Stella’s Marina Is Open

Sunday, we went to the marina for lunch. As you can see from the photo above, Walter has been doing some modifications. A larger portion of the eating area has been glassed in and will soon contain air conditioning to handle the hotter periods of the day.

I chose the special fillet and wasn’t disappointed. The meat was good and tender. I really liked the bacon and would like to know where Walter is buying it.

I can never leave without trying one of the desserts. This time I had the cheesecake.

There was a shrimp boat unloading its cargo while we were there. I saw several people leave with buckets of shrimp. It was probably heading to various vendors in the area.

Another great day at Stella’s Marina restaurant. Walter had a nice writeup in the recent Visitante newspaper. If you stop in, tell Walter you heard of him through Chiriquí Chatter.

7 thoughts on “Stella’s Marina Is Open

  1. Can anyone give me directions to Stella’s Marina restaurant.
    I live in Boquete so I need directions from where I hit the Americana Highway.

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