What Did You Say Again?

My friend, Dario, asked if I could come to his class for some conversational practice with a couple of his students. Dario has classes in at least three different locations. Today it was in his location across from what was Hotel Panama Rey.

I always enjoy doing talking with students, so I agreed, even though I had to be at his class by 8:30 AM.

Conversational classes are easy to prepare for. I just have to show up. I never know what questions will come up. However, normally the questions contain some of the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose to move to Panama?
  2. How long have you lived in Panama?
  3. Where did you move from?
  4. Do you live in Boquete?
  5. Do you like Obama or McCain?
  6. What type of Panamanian food do you like?

Today, I got to visit with two charming young ladies. One was from Volcan and one was from David. Each had her own reason for wanting to learn English. One wanted to learn English because she thought it would help her find a better job.

The other had a boyfriend that spoke English and she wanted to be able to communicate better.

I have also noticed, that many students come to David to study English from other parts of Chiriquí. They typically stay with relatives, while they are studying. The kids in the US don’t realize how good they have it. It takes a real commitment to leave home and stay with remote family to go to school.

Here is a photo of the two young ladies that I got to visit with this morning. Jennifer is on the left and Carmen is on the right. I had a good time today and look forward to helping Dario out in the future.

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