Halloween in Panama

Yes, Panama does observe Halloween. The photo above, shows masks on display in downtown David.

I am not aware of any kids going trick or treating, but they do go to parties. In today’s world, it is probably better that kiddos go to supervised parties anyway.

I have a few photos I will share with you of a Halloween party in Panama City. Here you see kids, costumes, jack-o-lanterns, balloons and all the things necessary for holiday fun.

This photo is of two of the young people I visit when I am in Panama City. This is Isabela holding her brother Lucca. I think Isabela must have just given Lucca a big squeeze.

Here is Sofia (dressed as a hula dancer) with her cousin Lucca. Sofia is saying, “Watch me dance Lucca!”.

This is Isabella giving he sexiest pose.

Here you have the smallest devil, a little bit bigger devil, and the biggest devil of all (Karla – mother of Isabela and Lucca).

No proper Panamanian party is complete without a piñata. Here is Sofia and Lucca getting ready to smash it.

This last photo is Sofia and Sussan. They are wishing you all a happy and safe Halloween.

6 thoughts on “Halloween in Panama

  1. Don Ray:
    Changing times, I tell you. When I was a kid in Panama( 60’s and 70’s), Halloween was considered a non traditional holiday and was frowned upon by the majority. Looking at the pictures it seems the opposite is true now.
    By the way, I was kidding regarding the El Rey picture…

  2. Hi Jamie. I can’t speak for the majority, but many enjoy it. I have heard a few say it was a day of the devil. Sense, I always grew up knowing Halloween, It seems funny not buying candy to give out.

  3. I lived in Panama for a couple of years back in 1992-94 in Condado del Rey. Trick or treating was alive and well amongst the Panamanian children in that area.
    I had bought candy and thought I was prepared but no, I was not. We had over 100 children at least, pass through shouting “tricky tricky Halloween!”
    By the time the evening was drawing to a close, I was handing out cough drops as I’d run out of all candy, gum, and breath mints.

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