Gelato House

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in to the new Gelato House. David needs a place to go to have real ice cream and not the natural ice creams that seem to be what the locals prefer. I had seen this new store and decided to try it. Again, I didn’t have my camera. I need to read my notes to myself. It was a rainy day so the sign outside doesn’t show up too good on the Cell phone photo. Still it will give you a reference point on the street that runs by the side of Romero’s. Gelato House is a little ways past Bernard’s Restaurant.

Inside you will find a nice new small sandwich and ice cream shop. All of the ice cream is Bonlac, but it is real ice cream. I had a coffee ice cream malt. I enjoyed it. They have several sandwiches and I will return and try some of them. Next time I will have my camera and take photos inside.

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