New Bank Coming

Looks like they are finishing up the building on the InterAmerican highway that is directly across from TGI Friday’s. I understand it is supposed to be a bank based out of Costa Rica.

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  1. Hi DR – according to the sign that’s posted on the side-street next to SuperBaru, this is to be a Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia), a Canadian-based bank with a very large presence in Latin America.

    Speaking of new construction, any idea what’s going to go into the building underway on the other TGIFriday corner?

  2. Hi Lilia and DSD. I guess I heard wrong. Thanks for correcting me.

    DSD you must be talking about the Novey store that is under construction where the Shell station used to be.

  3. What about the new 1/2 constructed bank building next to Friday’s which started out to be a Banistmo… but with the merger with HSBC… I don’t know what it will be? Scotiabank also is opening a branch in Alto Boquete in the Plaza San Francisco.

  4. They have been working on the Bank next to Friday’s. It remains to be seen what it is. It certainly doesn’t look as impressive as the one in the photo above.

  5. I also noticed there appears to be a new hotel been built. It is about three blocks down the street from Romero’s 24 hour Dolequita. It is on street that fronts what I call the back door entrance of Romero’s. If it isn’t going to be a hotel then it is gonna be a very large house. They do not have a sign of any sort.

    I have not seen your Clustermap for a awhile. It is almost solid red.

  6. Hi DR – info on building near Bernard’s. The last time we dined at Bernard’s there was still a sign in front of the construction site that said it was a hotel, but don’t recall what it was going to be called.

  7. Hello all!

    I also missed CC last night. The hotel next Bernard´s has a sign with the name of his owner, Evangelio/Evangelisto Rivera. He also owns the upholstery shop and store Tapicería Peneco, next to Nat Mendez´s Jewerly.

    More hotels are in the horizon. The owners of the Chinese Restaurant diagonal to Kiosco Baby bought the corner across Citicorp on Obaldía Ave to build a hotel and restaurant. Remember the last day there was no water in David? The lot was cleared and the slashing of an old teak tree broke a main water pipe.


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