Multiservicios Internacionales de Chiriquí, S. A.

A friend sent me a notice that Multiservices International de Chiriquí, S. A. was moving November 1st. I wasn’t familiar with this business and I decided to go by and have a look. It is a mail forwarding service from the US as well as a FedEx agent.

I talked to Cynthia Gomez, who greeted me with a very pleasant smile, when I entered their facility. She speaks excellent English and this is a plus for those that are new to Panama and haven’t had the chance to acquire Spanish skills.

She gave me some basic information on their mail service (Pakya). They have one delivery a week from Florida. Packages and boxes are charged at $3.00 a pound plus any duty and taxes.

Mail is $2.00 a pound, with a minimum of one pound.

On November 1, they will move to the Manuligo Building, next to Viajes Fenix in front of Supermarkado Romero in Doleguita. Calle H Norte y Ave 1 Este.

If you are looking for a means of receiving mail and packages from the US, then this may be one you want to consider. If you drop in, tell Cynthia you saw her on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. There are some differences so it isn’t possible to evaluate easily. Aerocastillas receives mail from the US every day. If that is important then you pay a little more for that. On the grand scheme of things the prices are pretty close.

  2. We have had good results with their FedEx service. Not always delivered in the specified time but cheaper than DHL.

  3. Airbox Express used to charge $1.80 for a letter. Now it has gone up to $2.10. I found Hot Express to be more reasonable. They share an office in David with Uno Express and Olric speaks good English. I just paid $167.00 for 3 packages weighing over 70 pounds from Miami to David. Not too bad…….

  4. Hi Scott. Most likely that is FedEx effecting the delivery time. Airbox Exoress (Aerocasillas) also has FedEx. I will have to look up Hot Express. Can you give the directions to Hot Express?

    If I compute the Maritime rates correctly for Airbox Experess, your 70 pound package would have cost $47.04 for the first 24 pounds and $63.48 for the next 46 pounds for a total of $110.52. Since it is books, I don’t think there should be any duty.

    It would take a significant change in my monthly price to change, but I never say never.

  5. I am sure they do. I wish I had known, because I was by there today and didn’t ask for new communications. I will try to get it the next time I am out.

  6. I went to Multiservicios {MIC] this morning and set up my new account, thanks to Don, thanks Don.. I think I’ll be a happy Camper after having a bad experience with Airbox on my first time using them. I learn quick. like Don said “we’ll see”

  7. I am trying to send an email to Multiservicios and it keeps coming back undeliverable, does anyone have the correct email address for them? thank you

  8. I need to Fedex someone a envelope in David Chiriqui, Panama and when I went to the fedex office to send they told me I needed a address with zip code. Could you please provide me with a delivery address.
    thank you

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