An Ant’s Work Is Never Done

It was such a nice morning this morning, that we went for a walk before breakfast. Today was the first morning that wasn’t overcast is several days. The sun was nice and bright at 8:00 AM when we finally got off.

I saw this new ant hill and it has to have been built very recently. Maybe as late as last night.

Here you can see one of the occupants is still hard at work. I guess an ant’s work is never done.

Thank God I am not an ant!!!!!

2 thoughts on “An Ant’s Work Is Never Done

  1. Dear DonDon,
    Nena, my Boquete bride of 38+ years, is just enthalled with your photos of the area! Her mom and sis are visiting us now in Texas and they too feel connected to home.
    Thank you for giving all of us daily views to the real life happenings around the area.
    jim and nena

  2. Hi J&N. Thanks for the comment. I have some good photos to put up of Paradise Gardens in Boquete, but it is going to take me a while to decide how to post them.

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