Carlos Ruiz – Philadelphia Phillies # 51

If you live in Panama, especially if you live in Chiriquí, and more especially if you live in David and if you are a baseball fan, you should pay attention to this year’s World Series.

By defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday (5-1), the Philadelphia Phillies moved into the World series for the first time in 15 years. Carlos Ruiz is the catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and is from David, Chiriquí.

To see the ending of last night’s game, click HERE.

I bet, if you talked to any of the players, that play in the David Stadium, they will be beaming with pride today. No doubt they are all Carlos Ruiz’s best bud as well. Just ask them.

As you have seen, when Irving Saladino won the Long Jump in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, or more recently when Margarita Henriguez won the Latin American Idol, Panama loves its heroes. If the Phillies can win the series, I expect fireworks to be going off all over Panama and especially in David.

I understand, from a CC reader, that Allan Lewis, the Phillies’ scout who recruited Carlos Ruiz, spends a lot of time in the area around the downtown Romero’s. If you are around there and see a tall fellow wearing a red Phillies cap, that may be him. You might congratulate him on an outstanding recruiting effort.

Allan also played for the Oakland As. His nickname was the Panamanian Express.

9 thoughts on “Carlos Ruiz – Philadelphia Phillies # 51

  1. Don Ray:
    Allan Lewis is a legend in Panama, has been involved in baseball and has scouted for MLB for years. Thanks for making me awere of my “coterraneo” in the World Series. I do not follow baseball but I might watch the games just to follow him.

  2. Hi Don, I liked your comments about Calicho Ruiz. Ran into it searching for information about the Chiriqui baseball teams. We live in Panama city but my boys are avid fans of the Chiriqui teams and they follow the competition throughout the Summer. But the rest of the year there’s nothing. Perhaps you can indicate somebody with whom they can exchange info. Best regards,
    Kel Arosemena

  3. I am from Philadelphia with a home here in David. Calicho has turned into one of the two or three best catchers in major league baseball. We in Philaldephia, are involved with the Rotary in David and are drilling a well in the SOS Village. It will provide clean water for over 100 children. We are hoping that Ruiz will partner with us also in providing these services and recently met him at he Kenny Serracin Stadium

  4. I teach at a cyber high school in Pennsylvania. Every year we travel to Boquete, Panama to hold an education rally for the Ngobe indigenous people. We would love for Carlos to make an appearance there on April 2nd, 2011. Here is a link that describes the project.

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