Apple Upgrade

I recently upgraded the software in my Apple Mac Mini. I didn’t need to change the system. I just did it because I found a cheap copy of Leopard on Ebay. I purchased Leopard for $68.00, including shipping to my Florida mail forwarding address. Then it cost $9.50 to get it to Airbox Express in David. Since the software costs $129 plus tax from Apple, I saved a fair amount of money.

The Apple OS is a good system. The only problem with Apple, in my opinion, is its overpriced hardware. The arrogance of Apple, coupled with poor quality of Microsoft’s systems continue to make me impressed with the Linux alternatives.

4 thoughts on “Apple Upgrade

  1. I have a mini that I was thinking of upgrading to leopard. Do you have the retail version that will install on most newer Macs, or the machine specific version just for the mini? How do you like Leopard? Did the install go OK? I was going to buy off eBay too, but was afraid that install version was wrong or defective would be a real hassle to rectify here in Chiriqui.

  2. This was just the standard version. It was 10.5.1. It installed fine. I had to free up 50 gig on the hard drive, but other than that it was no problem. I really haven’t done anything with Leopard other than install it. So far, I see very little difference. It does have Bootcamp already installed.

  3. I am running 10.5.4 and will install 10.5.5 next week. You do the free upgrades as they are recommended. See you in Noviembre.

  4. Yes, I did all of the upgrades. I only mentioned 19.5.1 to say that was the distribution of Leopard that was listed that went on the Mini. I was not aware that the Intel Macs had any problem with any version of Leopard.

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