A New Dish Has Been Delivered

I received a note, from David, that Berta had produced a new dish. This little bundle weighed in at 2.8 3.8 kilograms (approximately 6.17 8.38 pounds) and was 53 centimeters (approximately 20.87 inches) in length.

David said that Berta and the new bundle of joy were doing fine. Easy for him to say. I will try to get some photos as soon as I can.

In case this is too cryptic, David and Berta are the owners of the Renegado restaurant and they now have a new daughter (Ariadna).

Congratulations to David and Berta!

UPDATE: Photo from David.

9 thoughts on “A New Dish Has Been Delivered

  1. 3.8 kgr big baby
    my mistake, nervous, is my first

    Thanks Don (family, friends, and readers)


  2. Congratulation my dear David and Berta por esta linda creatura
    Los mejores deseos de prosperidad para esta nueva familia
    Muchos besos abrazos y bendiciones para todos

    Espero conocerla pronto

    Alejandra (from Caracas)

  3. dear don ray,
    please give my congrats to papa & mamasita she is beautiful!
    muy bonita there is nothing like a baby!
    and such a beautiful name ariadna!
    god bless la familia!
    and thank you don ray for sharing. ellen

  4. Hi Ellen and AS. I visited Berta, Ariadna, and David in the hospital yesterday evening. The baby is really cutie!! She has the longest fingers. I told David that he is going to have to give her piano lessons when she is older.

  5. Many congratulations to David & Berta!!!
    What a beautiful baby!!!
    Many blessings to you all!!!
    Lilia and Mama Rosa

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