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Movistar Scam

Yesterday after activating a new number for a Movistar account, a call was received. The call came in about 1 hour after the number was activated. I don’t know if that was by chance or by design.

The individual calling said he was a representative of Movistar. He said there was a promotion going on and if I would buy two $15 cards and call him and give him the card activation numbers, that the account would get credit for $50.

The next part of the scam was that I was to watch the TV, at a certain time and if my cell number appeared, I would win $5,000 and a new car.

The way the scam works is that as you give the activation numbers to him over the phone, he is putting them into another cell phone. When you hang up, and try to use the cards, you find that they will not work.

We were at a restaurant at the time and a couple at another table heard the conversation and said that they knew of a couple people that had been victim of this scam.

Mariachi Garibaldi & Guest Stars

Announcement from Antonio Singh

The Movement for the Restoration of the Historic Patrimony of Chiriqui
& Universidad Autonoma de Chiriqui (UNACHI)
Mariachi Garibaldi & Guest Stars
Thursday 2nd of October
Auditorium of the UNACHI
Contribution: US$5.00

Tickets available at Culturama in David 774-0536 or Call Antonio Singh at 6618-2929 or email me

Antonio M. Singh C.

Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

Reader Request

I received this request from a reader today:

From……: Aurel

Hello Don,

I would like to ask you if you can let your reader know about this news Panama expats community site It is an absolutely free social networking site similar to myspace but for Panama expats only. Once registered one can have his own web page, blog, pictures gallery and, probably the most important, have fun and meet other expats.


Blood Donation Request

The foillowing is from one of the Yahoo groups:

We really need your help. John Fillis is in the hospital and will
need surgery probably for thursday IF we can get 5 pints of
B Rh Negative blood. That is not very common among us Panamanians so
could I ask you to post a message on the highlanders web or whatever.
We will pay the donors if they qualify. Mechi Fillis is at the Clinica
Mae Lewis in David room 5 and her cel phone is 6509-2701. We need your
prayers. Mechi

Please post this message from Mechi and John Fillis from Volcan. (I
did not know who else to have post this but I have seen your name on
this site fairly frequently so I hope you dont mind I ask you this

Niskwa Artesanias

email for Niskwa:

A friend of mine mentioned that next to the Costa Rican Hotel, diagonal to University Latina, some space had been donated so that Kuna crafts could be exhibited. I was interested, because if you want to buy some Molas or other authentic Indian crafts, you can do it here and the money will go directly to those that need to have the money. You can buy the same crafts in many stores, but there, only a portion will get to the tribal members. I could be wrong, but I understand that all that is sold here will.

Here is a wall of Molas. Continue reading Niskwa Artesanias

Shhhhhhhh! It’s A Secret

I am going to tell you about Rosita’s Hideaway. I ask that you keep this a very guarded secret. I don’t want too many people to know about this wonderful find.

On Thursday and Saturday evenings between 5:00PM and 9:00 PM Rosita’s Hideaway is open to give you a taste of Salvador. Rosita will prepare her fabulous Salvadoran Tortillas accompanied with her special sauce and some cabbage.

These tortillas are like nothing that I have ever eaten before. I watched here make several. She took a handful of tortilla dough and molded it into a bowl shape in her hand. Then she adds the ingredients that you choose. You can have pork, refried beans or cheese or a combination of all. After placing the contents into the tortilla she pulls the edges of the bowl of dough over the top and flattens the ball into a fat stuffed tortilla. These are than placed on a griddle to cook to a toasty brown. You have to eat one to really know how good they are.

There were five of us and we all ordered the combination. We also ordered two to go for a couple youngsters that didn’t come with us. Here is our order of tortillas. You can see the beans or pork trying to peak through the tortilla. Each is about 3/8s of an inch thick.
Continue reading Shhhhhhhh! It’s A Secret