Youth Participation

A couple Sundays ago, our church used a lot of its youth to assist in the morning services. Here are the youngsters listening as the Father prepares to give the Sacraments.


The church I attend is a neighborhood Catholic church. All of the service is in Spanish. I am not a Catholic, but I really don’t think one needs to attend a particular church to be heard. I guess I could try to seek out an English speaking service, but I have chosen not to.

I always enjoy the services. While I don’t understand 100% of the service, I understand enough. I particularly enjoy it when the church has baptisms or youth participation. I think a community that takes the time to try to guide their children in the right direction is a good community.

2 thoughts on “Youth Participation

  1. Though I’m not Catholic either, a person very near and dear to me grew up as one and shanghai’d me into many, many bouts of on-your-knees, stand-up, on-your-knees, etc. Though I didn’t really absorb much, the simple repetitiveness of the ritual left me knowing how to cite the appropriate words at the right times and I always enjoyed the “offer one another a sign of peace” part, which in our society usually meant smiling, saying “God be with you.” and shaking hands. The procedure was very welcoming and non-stressful. In forty-five minutes the whole thing was wrapped up; I was whole again and happy. Not a bad thing. Our kids, too, went through the catechism and then enjoyed the option of following what seemed appropriate to them afterward. All good. Thanks for the memory.

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