Local Car Break-in

When my neighbor was leaving to go to church yesterday, she found that her car had been broken into. She had heard its alarm beep a couple of times at night, but it never went off. She had looked at the car, but she couldn’t see anyone. A lot of times cats can do this.

This is the typical way they enter cars. The following photo is from the right rear door. That door has a fixed window to the rear and a window that goes up and down. They broke the fixed window and then reached in and rolled down the window. Then they rolled down the front window.

You can barely see, in the top of this photo, that they took the removable faceplate off the radio, but left the radio. I don’t know if they removed the ash tray looking for money.

The fact that they didn’t take the entire radio is strange. Either they only needed the faceplate or they were frightened off. The full alarm never went off.

The cars, that usually get broken into, are ones where the radio is generic. If the removable faceplate, had not been visible, there is a good chance they would have passed this car. Alarms on cars are necessary. Make sure they work. A good alarm can be put in for around $100 depending on the model in David.

Cars at this apartment building are always a target because the apartment owner refuses to put in bright lights in the parking area. Even when the lights are on, it is still pretty dark. He buys the smallest bulbs he can. Don’t bother telling me to buy my own bulbs. He would take the bigger bulbs out because they use more electricity. The thieves worked on the side of the car away from windows and would not have been seen.

The owner is a well known dentist that caters to the gringo trade. The expense would be little, to put in brighter lights, but he spends as little as he can get by with in my opinion. Other requests have been made to him to improve security, by putting in an electric door at the front of the building and his response has been that it would take too much electricity. The reports, of his poor service and gringo pricing, on the Yahoo group, appear to be well founded. I have never considered using him for my dentist.

6 thoughts on “Local Car Break-in

  1. “I have never considered using him for my dentist.”

    Perhaps you should reconsider using him as your landlord.

  2. Hi DR – Its too bad that the thieves did so much damage for nothing more than an ashtray & faceplate. You mentioned that the owner of the building had been petitioned to upgrade the security lighting, but declined due to the cost of the electricity. Wouldn’t that make him liable for any costs not covered by insurance? Hmmm. Has anyone checked with MIVI (Ministerio de Vivienda) regarding the resident’s rights (if they have any) and whether there have been past complaints about this building or its owner?

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