Unlocking Cell Phones In David

I have been helping a person that is moving to David from Texas. One of the things she needed to do was to get her cell phone re-chipped so that it would work on a Panama network. When we went to the Movistar, we learned that she had a “locked” cell phone. I asked if there was a place to take it to get it unlocked and was directed to the store in the following photo.

You can see that the store advertised “unlocking” (desbloqueo).

This is a photo of the young fellow that took care of us.

We dropped the phone off and picked it up about 4 hours later. The cost was between $16-$18. I don’t remember the exact amount. If you bring a locked phone that uses the correct frequencies for Panama, you can get it unlocked in David. I learned something new.

This store is located on a corner between McPato and Hotel Castilla. If you stop in, let them know you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Hey DR – we were directed to these folks by a young lady in the El Terronal Movistar office when I tried to locate a replacement for a preferred style of cell phone. The cell was no longer available, but I was told that the old one could be repaired at this location. Sure enough, for the price of a new cell phone, we had not one but two cell phones repaired – AND with the repairs warranteed! For a more precise location: next door to the Panaderia Castellano and across the street from the parking lot for the Multicafe #2 (which is next door to the Hotel Castilla). Excellent tip!

  2. As a matter of interest, when I went to Florida last month my cell phone was fine until it went through the scanner in PTY. Screen went blank and did not work. I took it to a repair shop in Jacksonville and they told me that the wires between the phone and the flip up screen had been fried. $25.00 and 10 minutes later, it worked fine with a U.S. sim card. Turn phone off and put in baggage is my advice.

  3. Thanks to Daniel for letting folks know that Movistar Obaldia does unlocking and repairs. Possibly this is a new feature? My previous inquiries for repairs usually resulted in a sales pitch for the latest & greatest gadget-laden – and expensive – product… all I ever really wanted was a phone…

  4. When we visited Panama in July, I needed to get my phone unlocked. Unfortunately it was a hardware lock, that only Motorola could do (according to them). The alternative was to send it to a company in the UK, and 3 weeks and $50 (plus shipping) later it would be unlocked.

    I don’t remember the name of the place in David that I took it to, but it took them one hour and $20 to do it.

    Tell me again why I don’t live in Panama?

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