Movistar Scam

Yesterday after activating a new number for a Movistar account, a call was received. The call came in about 1 hour after the number was activated. I don’t know if that was by chance or by design.

The individual calling said he was a representative of Movistar. He said there was a promotion going on and if I would buy two $15 cards and call him and give him the card activation numbers, that the account would get credit for $50.

The next part of the scam was that I was to watch the TV, at a certain time and if my cell number appeared, I would win $5,000 and a new car.

The way the scam works is that as you give the activation numbers to him over the phone, he is putting them into another cell phone. When you hang up, and try to use the cards, you find that they will not work.

We were at a restaurant at the time and a couple at another table heard the conversation and said that they knew of a couple people that had been victim of this scam.

9 thoughts on “Movistar Scam

  1. $15 Movistar cards are are always (unless this has recently changed) quadrupled…meaning the normal credit would be $90. Wow that is a scam! And a stupid one at that…..

  2. The $50 is described as additional to the normal. I think it is the bait of the $5,000 and car that catches some also. A funny part that I didn’t explain was that the caller was speaking Spanish. I turned the phone over to a better Spanish speaker that recognized it as a scam and kept the caller talking as long as possible. She asked questions and kept him talking. As you probably know, if you call a cell phone you pay for that call, so she was using as much of his time as possible.

  3. I cant believe people still fall for this, its like someone phoning for your credit card details saying you may win a prize. Those numbers are unique and linked to a credit system that in no way relates to your phone number. If anyone ever calls like that, hang up on them!

    If they ever did a prize draw all they would need is your phone number to identify you, moreover you bought the chip, so they should have your details anyway..

    I get all angry about this kinda thing, that and the stupid machines calling your landlines telling you to use prefix codes to dial.. I get like 6 calls a day from that 85 code company… they should all be shot, flogged, hung, drawn and quartered..

  4. I think that many Panamanians get taken. The ones that get hurt are the ones than can least afford it. They have less education and possibly are are trusting. The scam artist is preying on the fact that people with little money will try anything to make it stretch.

  5. I just got taken this evening. Fortunately I have recourse since I used my credit card. I can’t believe I fell for it! They knew my telephone number and they ‘credited’ the airtime to my phone immediately without me even reading them the numbers once I confirmed I’d bought the cards telling them where I bought them and giving them the amount on the bottom of the receipt (they told me to get). I got home and while we were on the phone with them trying to arrange for me to pay the ‘tax’ on the winnings, I googled ‘Movistar scam Panama’. Bingo. I hung up, took the chip out of my phone and turned it off – not that that’ll do any good since they have the numbers of the pre-pago cards (after they credited the time to my phone, I had to read them the card numbers so they could ‘register’ them and confirm them at the Movistar office when I was to go Monday and collect my winnings!). Well, it’s almost 9PM and my name is supposed to be read on TVN as a winner in a few minutes!! I need to be watching for it!! Wow!!

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