Reader Request

I received this request from a reader today:

From……: Aurel

Hello Don,

I would like to ask you if you can let your reader know about this news Panama expats community site It is an absolutely free social networking site similar to myspace but for Panama expats only. Once registered one can have his own web page, blog, pictures gallery and, probably the most important, have fun and meet other expats.


3 thoughts on “Reader Request

  1. I registered for this new site, but I don’t like the requirement that an age be provided (therefore the one I gave is fictitious). If you must require it, why not give your members the option of displaying it or not? Also, a profile picture should be an option – not a requirement, in my opinion.

    I write all of this here, because your “contact us” link didn’t work.

  2. Hi Abe. Yes, I get up some mornings feeling older than others. Everything is fine here. I keep up with your photos. They are still the best nature life photos on the net.

    Hi Fran. I didn’t register on the site. I have found that I really don’t care much for the “social sites”. Maybe I am just not all that social. 🙂

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